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Chapter 2 – Chloe Gets Caught
As Chloe walked with the girls in the mall, she wondered what Maiye and Rayna (or whatever her name was) were doing.
Sophia: Let’s go this way.
Chloe : Doesn’t that say restricted?
Sophia: Yeah, but don’t worry. We’ve been here before.
They turned the corner and came to a closed-down store called “Fashionista’s Paradise”.
Chloe : So why is this place restricted?
Sophia: I don’t know, actually. Rianna, go in.
Rianna: ‘Kay.
A few minutes later, she came back out with a beautiful pink phone case.
  All    : Wow!
Chloe : Where did you see it? I wanna buy one.
Sophia, Rianna, Katie and Alliah looked at each other.
Alliah : She didn’t exactly buy it. You see, the store is abandoned, and we found it a few-
Chloe : So basically you’re stealing, right?
Katie : If you put it that way, then yeah.
Sophia: No, we’re not, Katie. That stuff doesn’t belong to anyone anymore, or else they would have come back for it. Come on Chloe, you know you can’t be stealing when it simply doesn’t belong to anyone.
Chloe : Are you guys sure?
Alliah: Yeah. You see this bracelet I have on, it’s from there.
Rianna: All- well, most of our jewellry and stuff are from there.
Chloe : Okay. Let me try.
She went into the store and saw a beautiful diamond watch.
Chloe : !!!!!!
She picked it up and ran outside.
Chloe : Guys, let’s -oof!
She ran straight into the arms of a security guard.
Security Guard: Well, young ma’am, what do you have to say for yourself?
Chloe : Uhmmm, well , you see, I was just
Sophia: She was just showing us what had happened to her aunt’s old accessory store. Right, Chloe?
Chloe : Uhmmm, Yeah, yeah.
Security Guard: Well, even if your ‘aunt’ might have had this store, it’s closed down. No one’s here to see your safety, so never come around here again. Got it?
Girls : Yes, sir.
Security Guard: So get out!
                                    *                                                      *                                                   *
Chloe : Guys, what are we going to do now?
Sophia: Well, you could come over to my house.
Chloe : Lemme tell my mom first.
Sophia: Chloe, you’re still a kid if you go tell your mommy everything. I mean, if you had to tell her, she could just carry you around in a stroller for the rest of her life.
The girls all laughed except Chloe.
Chloe : So I don’t call her-
Sophia: So you don’t call her, ’cause you are responsible, right?
Chloe {mumbles} Yeah
Sophia: Okay then. Let’s go! Oh, I almost forgot. Chloe, you have to wear a charm bracelet.
Chloe : Wait up a second. Why?
Sophia: So you can be seen as part of the group.
Chloe : I don’t wear bracelets, or jewellry for THAT matter.
All the girls gasped at her.
Alliah: So you don’t wear necklaces?
Katie : Rings?
Sophia: Watches?
Chloe : Well, I wear watches-
Sophia: And that is jewellry. You either wear it or you don’t talk to us.
Chloe hesitated.
Chloe : okay.

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