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Chapter 5 – Why?
Chloe walked Sallie to her first class that morning, and also showed her around at lunch. Sallie kept on getting weird looks and hurtful glances from everyone that passed by.
 Sallie: Chloe, why does everyone keep staring at me?
Chloe: Because you dress differently; to them, you look like someone who just came out of the 18th century. I understand it’s based on your belief system, but some of these people don’t care about that.
Sallie: Oh. Well that’s rude.
Chloe: I know right.
The girls giggled. Just then, Rayna and Maiye came around the corner.
Rayna: There’s the new girl that was in my 2nd period. Doesn’t she just look odd?
Maiye: I guess.
Rayna: Here, carry my bag for me. It’s a bit heavy.
Maiye (holding it): No it’s not!
Rayna: Just hold it.
Maiye: Why should I?
Rayna: Because I’m your bestie, remember?
Maiye: So why don’t you carry my bag?
Rayna: Why would I carry your bag if I just asked you to carry mine? Seriously, Maiye, sometimes I think you’re just dumb.
Maiye: Sorry. I’ll carry your bag for you.
 Rayna: Good! Now let’s go get lunch. I’m thinking of a panini- yum!
Chloe and Sallie watched as Rayna scolded and embarrassed Maiye, and poor Maiye didn’t even know she was being controlled.
Sallie: Why doesn’t she realize she’s being manipulated?
Chloe: (sigh) She’s never been in this situation before. When we were frie- Oh look, there are my friends.
Sophia: (to the girls behind her)O.M.G., this is the girl I was talking about. (to Sallie) Anyway, hey! I’m Sophia. These girls are Alliah, Rianna and Katie. And, as I see, you’ve already met Chloe.
Sallie: Yes, well, I’ve, uhmmm, gotta go to the – library- yes, the library. To get a book. See you Chloe.
Sallie practically dashed through the hallway and into the library.
Sophia: Well, that’s rude.
Chloe: I don’t know what happened.
Rianna: Sophia, look. There’s the new girl Alliah and I saw this morning. Hey Sarah, over here.
Sarah: Hey girl squad! Wait, what are you doing here? (Points at Chloe)
Chloe: I’m apart of this group. You, new girl?
Sarah: I was cordially invited to join this etiquette-filled girl squad.
Sophia: O.M.G., she speaks so PERFECTLY!!!!!
Chloe: Guys, where are we going to eat?
Sophia: Just a minute, Chloe. Are you that much of a pig? Jeez, just wait a second. I’m pretty sure not even Gordon Ramsay’s whole kitchen could feed you.
All the girls laughed except Chloe, of course.
Sarah: Hey girls, how about, as an OFFICIAL (looked at Chloe) member of this girl squad, we have a karaoke/sleepover night at my place. On Friday night. #TGIF!!
Alliah: Deal
Sophia: Most definitely.
Rianna: I can make it.
Katie: Yup.
Chloe: I can’t.
All the girls looked at Chloe.
Sophia: What do you mean you can’t?
Chloe: I have family dinner.
Sophia:Oh. In that case, fine.
*                                        *                                            *
Sallie sat comfortably, engrossed in the book ‘The Truth About Angels’. She couldn’t believe she had been so rude, yet she knew she did it to protect herself – and her family. I’d better tell Chloe why I ran away. I know she’ll understand. Too bad she’s not Amish.

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