Good and Bad

Its weird how things can be good and bad
how they will make you happy and sad
like fire that warms us on chilly nights
but it burns down forests and takes innocent lives
or water, that quenches our thirst so well
then washes away cars, and buildings, and feels like hell
and last there are people, the ones we love dear
who love us and help us and tell us they care
but then they turn and do the worst
they scoff and laugh and kick and curse
but there is One who stays the same
He will never turn away or blame
He stays with us wherever we go
And when we ask for forgiveness he never says “No.”
This Man we deny and call a loss
Then he goes and dies for us on the cross
You can’t trust people, water or fire
they all cause pain
But Jesus never changes
His love never sways
Just a poem i made up just nowsmiley

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Good and Bad

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