Going Into the Deep


I’m not talking about outer space or the trenches of our oceans. I’m talking about baptism.

There are a few moments that stand out in the Christian journey. First is the moment that you believe that God is real. Second is when you stand before the universe and step into the waters of baptism. At that moment you tell every living thing that you not only believe, but that you are following God from that day forward.

Now you may be feeling a sense of panic, but don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’ll live a sinless life from that day forward. In fact, I believe Lucifer will try harder to separate you from God. But the good news is you are now stronger than you were before because your faith has grown to the point where you have learned to trust Christ. For Pathfinders that choose to be baptized there is special pin. To learn more about being baptized, check out this Wikipedia page.

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Going Into the Deep

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