God’s Gift Ch.1



Chapter 1



remember it so vividly. That day when I knew I had a gift. The day my sworn
enemy said “you sing pretty well” I knew that my voice was a God given talent.
Here’s how it all started.






my mom called me distracting me from my thoughts. “Jenna”. “That was Pastor
Jones. He wanted to ask if you would sing in church on Saturday. He heard you
singing and thought your voice was beautiful.” Mom said



“I don’t
know mom. You know how I don’t like singing in front of people.” I replied.



 “But you’re so good. Please Jenna, Please. You
should share your gift with the world” Mom pleaded



“No mom,
I’m sorry” I told her



“Well, I
guess since you made up your mind I can’t do anything about it.”



Mom said



Then she
left me to dream again. It’s just that I wasn’t dreaming about going somewhere
or doing something. No, no. I was dreaming lyrics. I had started a beat in my
head and lyrics just flowed to me. I decided I would go to my room and write
them down. Here’s what I got before I was interrupted by my little sister



Oh, when will I find
myself? Oh, I’ve been searching. All my life I’ve wanted to be someone. All my
life I’ve wanted to be a voice. All my life I wanted to be an inspiration. But
when will I get there and will it matter. Struggling with these people around.
Life is so hard when you haven’t found yourself. Everyone else knows who there
are. But you’re battling against yourself. Oh, when will I find my God given



all I got down because then Amelia comes into my room and throws herself on my
bed. By the way she is one year younger than me. I’m eleven and she is ten. She
is an amazing singer. She tells me I am to but I don’t believe her. In fact
everyone tells me I do. And I will believe it when my sworn enemy says it. I
flop on the bed next to Amelia and ask her what’s wrong. “Amie what’s wrong” I
say “I was singing for practice in music and people started laughing” she told
me. One thing that is different about my sister and me is I hate singing in
front of audiences or people. But if my sister had to sing in front of five
million people on Broadway, she would. Whether she was paid or not. “Awww. Amie
you don’t have to be embarrassed they were all just probably jealous.” I told
her sympathetically. “Why are you talking? You’re too embarrassed to sing in
front of mom and dad.” She told me and then walked away to her room. How rude
is that I thought.  I thought about
telling mom and dad and having them make her apologize to me, but then she would
think I was a tattle tale. Plus I love her too much. I was about to get back to
my song when dad calls “Dinner time”. It might sound weird but my dad is
actually the cook. In most families the mom is, but not mine. My dad literally
is a chef. But my mom is a real estate agent. That probably why we live in a
really (and I mean really) big house. I went down for dinner and saw we were
having my favorite. Mac and cheese, broccoli (with the stem off. I hate the
stem of the broccoli) and salmon. Yum!!!!! At the dinner table there was no
silence. Amelia went on and on and on about what happened in school. Mom went
on and on about how her client was rude but they almost sold a house and dad
went on and on about how he made a new recipe and how he wants to get a sous-chef.
Finally the question came. “How was your day Jenna” Dad asked “Ummm… good” I
told him. “Did anything interesting happen today?” He said “Nope, it was all
regular” I replied. “Ok” dad said, then he left me alone and started talking
about what happened in his day.



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God’s Gift Ch.1

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