Freedom’s Door chapter 1

  Hi fan’s of  Guide! This is LusayLu282, and I’m writing the first chapter of my book, Freedom’s Door. Although this isn’t the first book I’ve written, this is the first time I’m attempting to write one for the public. I’m nervous, but I know the Lord will see me through. Anyway, just so you all know, I’m terrible when it comes to spelling, so just expect that. I’ll do the best I can, but you will see errors(hopefully they’re not too bad). Also, I can’t put my finger on the whole paragraph thing, so I’ll just leave it out. A special thanks too my BFF, Mile. She’ s inspired me with her support, her similar love for writing, and also, for showing me how to do this. Thanks Mile! Love ya girl! wink Sooooo hope you all enjoy chapter one, please remember to comment and thumbs up if you like it, and there will be more comming!!!
Freedom’s Door
Chapter one: Escape!
A sharp wind blew through Stormchase valley, signaling that a spring storm was on it’s way. The courtyard was unusualy empty, and no one was there to see the dark shadow of a fifteen years old girl as she stealthily crept to the royal stable. she pushed the heavy door open, cringing slightly as the big door creaked. Looking around to make sure she was not being watched, the girl quietly slipped in the small opening. Dozens of horses cranned their necks to see who had entered the stable. They were all beautiful animals, but the girl was looking for one in piticular; a golden Palomino mare,  with a thick creamy mane and tail, along with a matching star-shapped mark on her forehead.The girl silantly made her way down the aisle, until she came to her horse’s stall. She opened the door and slipped inside. her horse nickered welcomingly, but the girl quickly shushed the graceful creature. “We must be quiet, Morning Star,” she whispered softly. “If we are to escape today, no one can see us.” Star seemed to understand and quietly allowed her mistress to saddle and bridle her without the slightest sound. Satisfied, the girl led Star outside. Gathering her long eligant pink dress in one hand, she smoothly mounted her horse and pulled the hood of her tan cape over her long auburn hair. Will I ever see this place again? The girl thought, overlooking the beautiful stone castle that had been her home for all of her fifteen, almost sixteen, years. I really will miss this place, she realized. But I have no other choice. She turned Star toward the forest surround what used to be her hope, sighed and drove her in that direction, not looking back.
Sir Lancelot sighed, leaning against the wall outside the princess’ room. The morning had been tiring, the king and queen had annouced to the public, and to their only child, Princess Avelina, that they would find her a suiter, who she would marry on her upcomming birthday, two months away. The princess of course, hadn’t taken her parents’ news well, and had stormed into her bedroom, where she had been all afternoon, refusing everything offered to her, including lunch. And as her bodyguard, Lancelot had to stay and suffer while the princess fasted. He rubbed his empty shomach thoughtfully. That stubborn princess, he groaned inwardly. just because she wants to starve, doesn’t mean I want to. The young, twenty yearold knight glanced at his guarding comrad, a large brown dog named Rolfe, who sat on the lush rug in the hall, looking as hungrey as Lancelot felt. “It’s allright boy,” he said, kneeling down to the dog’s height. “I’m sure your mistris will request a meal soon, then we cann feast.” Rolfe’s big brown eyes pleaded for food, and now. Lancelot sighed. “I feel the same way,” He muttered, standing up. Rolfe arose too, and walked over to the pricess’ bedroom door. he scratched the door a few times and whinned. Is he just hungrey? Lancelot wondered. Or has something happened to the princess? The thought sent chills down his spine. If anything’s happened to her… Lancelot nervously knocked on the door, praying everything was fine. “Princess?” He called, knocking again. Oh, how he wished to hear something-anything! Even if it were an irritated, ‘go away!’ It wouldn’t sounded like music to Lancelot’s eager ears. But he herd nothing. he despertly pounded on the door, maybe she hadn’t herd him before. There was no answer. After a quick glance at Rolfe, Lancelot burst the door open. The bedroom was empty. The only hint was the open balconey doors. The flapping curtains nearly froze the knight’s heart in fear. Rushing to the balconey, Lancelot looked down over the abbandoned courtyard. Thunder rumbled in the distance, adding on to Lancelot’s fears. A storn was comming, and princess Avelina was out there in the middle of t!
That’s it!!!! What did ya think? Just so you all know, I did not take this story line from the book Mile is writing too. I would never, ever steal from her. It was just one of those ‘great minds think alike’ momments. I had been working on the book for a few weeks, and I just got my account(and read the first chapter of Mile’s book) yesterday. Just thought I’d let you all know that. Also, I had to take the name of my knight, Sir Lancelot, from the King Arthur Books. I serched and serched for another  name but alas! I found none. I don’t feel too bad about that, though, because Sir Lancelot is my favorite knight in those books. Sooo hope you all liked it and again, remember to comment and thumbs up and I’ll upload more when I can. See you all later! Peace out! And God be with you!

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Freedom’s Door chapter 1

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