Five Fast Facts about Abigail Adams

The above image is a painting of Abigail Adams created through the artistic talents of Benjamin Blythe around 1766.

1.      Abigail
Adams was born on November 22nd, 1744, the daughter of a well-read
Massachusetts minister and his wife who fostered Abigail’s education.  

2.      In
1764, Abigail married John Adams, a young and outspoken lawyer with whom
Abigail enjoyed a close, loving relationship. Together, they had five children.

3.      Later,
when John was called away from home to serve his country as a political
representative, Abigail wrote letters to her husband which offered her own
views on important matters facing the newly independent nation, including an
end to slavery and the rights of women. This was an unusual stance for a woman
at the time.

4.      During
John’s absences from home, Abigail supervised their farm and financial affairs.
She also visited France and England when John was a foreign ambassador.

5.      As
a First Lady, Abigail participated in lively discussions of policy, took an interest
in newspapers’ power upon public opinion, and supported John in presidential

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For these facts, I primarily used Encyclopedia
as an internet source.


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Five Fast Facts about Abigail Adams

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