First Love without the Butterflies

First love without the butterflies
The day I first notice him

I am completely awestruck

Trying to suppress the butterflies
I smile and say hi

Then I shy away
Bad first impression

Did he think I was weird
Or ugly

Or a flirt
When I see him in the hall I smile and wave

Cautiously waiting at the end of the day
Just to scurry away

And watch him from the corner of my eye
Wishing I was beside him I sighed

Imagining I was holding his hand
On the warm beach sand

Or maybe in a lush forest
Amongst the romantic songs of the birds

Talking learning about each other
Best friends with one another

Not being nervous
A friend I could trust

I wake up to reality
As he walks by

I quickly smile
Then look away

Wishing I Could gaze into those beautiful eyes
Not fearing rejection

without the butterflies

By Alvea Dule Hurlington

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First Love without the Butterflies

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