Finding Daisy

It all started one day. It was early morning and somebody (I forgot who) went to go and feed our animals. That was when “somebody” discovered that our coca-poodle dog  Daisy, and our German Shepherd dog Bolt were missing. We didn’t worry about this because Daisy and Bolt usually went together around our property and would return to eat their food. So, it just went unnoticed. Soon, we finished our breakfast, did our school ( because we are homeschooled), and went to play outside. My brother, Jacob, called out for Daisy and Bolt because their food was untouched. Nothing. We waited because we knew that they would come back sooner or later. That evening, Bolt returned, but there was no sign of Daisy. We waited the rest of the day, but nothing. 

The next day was the same except for Bolt. We could tell he was sad. He didn’t want to play or do anything. He would just sit and be sad. By then, we all started worrying because Daisy had not yet returned. We called out for her but she didn’t come back. Soon, our neighbors also noticed that Daisy was missing. They asked us if we knew where she was, but we didn’t. Then, the search started. 

Our neighbor put a post online about a missing dog. She gave all of the details. Fluffy and creamy hair, about a foot and a half tall, and, of course, she was a girl. This went on for about two weeks. During those two weeks, every time we left the house or went somewhere, we would keep an eye out for Daisy. I know that I prayed every day, hoping that she would return. I also knew that anything could have happened to her. She could have been taken in or still be on the streets or………….. It was too hard to think about.

Finally, it came for the last detail about Daisy to be posted. She had two different colored eyes: one brown and one blue. For the next few days, we waited, hoping to get an answer. Then it came. Someone had been taking care of Daisy. We didn’t know this. Our mom had brought my sister to work and wouldn’t be home for the next couple of hours. Our grandma had come to take care of us. My mom called my grandma to tell her. Then she gave the phone to me. She told me that someone was coming and to be ready. I had no idea who it would be, but I trusted my mom. So, we cleaned the house and made sure that everybody was ready. We were not prepared for what would happen next. 

A car came up our driveway. I didn’t know who it was, but I could tell that my grandma knew. When I asked her, she said, “You’ll see.” We all waited eagerly as the car finally reached the top of our long driveway. When one of the people came out of the car, she was holding a dog. Our dog. Daisy. We ran as fast as we could! We were so excited!!!!! We finally had our dog back!!!!! We thanked the people who had been keeping her and they told us their story of finding her. 

They had seen her on the road, picked her up, and took her in the car since she had no collar. They brought her home, bathed her, and took her to the vet. She was fine. They took her back home and took care of her. Daisy would be their new dog. I guess they had seen the post our neighbor had made about Daisy. They didn’t think it was her until they saw the details about the different colored eyes. They knew what the right thing to do was. To bring her home. And I am so happy they did! 

Thanks for reading my story! I also have another story based on Daisy called ” A New Dog and A Bite” here on this website. Come back for more dog stories!

7 thoughts on “Finding Daisy”

  1. Good story! I’m so glad that you got Daisy back! And as soon as I read it, I immediately thought of your other story. Great job on both of them! 🌼💖💒

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked both of them! I am working on another dog story. We have lot’s of dog ‘ incidents’ that I want to post in here.😊

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Finding Daisy

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