Finally here!!!

So guys I’m finally back with another chapter of “bringing you to Jesus”
Chapter  3
I..I have cancer were the words her mom told her yesterday, Belle could hardly concentrate in class all she could think about was mom’s cancer her dad had passed away when she was younger so she couldn’t lose her mom!
Just then the teacher introduced a new girl to the class she was a bit late, this is Anne Ashley and she is 13 years old ,please take seat
Belle thought “maybe we could be friends”
It was lunch time and Belle was still thinking about her mom then Trevor came up and said hi,oh hi Trevor I didn’t see you there”she replied. Trevor was her crush and she wondered if he liked her the same way but that was about to be answered 
As she sat at her table Trevor passed with Anne Ashley he was sorta flirting with her Belle gasped and ran out of the school
 Mary saw her and followed her ” whats wrong” she asked, Belle told her about her mom’s cancer and about Trevor
Oh I’m so sorry Belle ill pray for you
At home……
 Belle and her sister Carla sat on the couch as thier mom called family to take care of them while she was in the hospital
When they arrived mom was taken to the hospital and the family members took them
Belle immediately texted Mary with the details of what was going on
Belle: hey mom just got taken to hospital were staying with fam

Mary: oh I’m so sorry

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Finally here!!!

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