Fallen Paradise

A Fallen Paradise*

Brilliant golden ray

Encircles the Creator

Who bends to make man.


An ethereal mist

Enshrouds the best creation

The one that brought death.


One look at the fruit

The snake tempter beguiled

The woman and man.


They looked with great fear

Had something to hide from God

Vainly, for He knows.


The loving Father

Shows their sin and tells their guilt

The glowing sun dims.


The floating petal

Through the swirls of mist soars down

The tree of life fades.


The choice that was made

So fatal to life and soul

Ends beauty and health.


It brought us to sin

The black of night well-disguis’d

In shining bright fruit.


Wail all you nations!

Death has come to conquer all

But Christ will save men.


That day of glory

Turned light into infamy

But for the Saviour.


Oh lost paradise!

Bring back the glory someday

With Christ’s soon return.


O “Son” rise once more

O’er the once sinless garden!

Shine brightly for‘er.


*written in Japanese Haiku form


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Fallen Paradise

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