Failure | Chapter 7

“How do I look?” Alex said, stepping out with her hair in a bun, tons of makeup slapped on her face, and a beautiful dress with heels.
“You look great! James… will be so impressed.” Louise stuttered.
“Are you ok?” Alex asked.
“I’m fine!” Louise said peppily. “Now I need to put on my dress.”
“Who’s your date?” Alex asked, realizing she hadn’t asked previously.
“Ah, no one really. Just going to hang out with some friends or something.” Louise said from the bathroom, changing her clothes.
“James texted and said that he’s outside the dorm right now!” Alex said excitedly.
“Go! I’ll meet you at the bus.”
“Alright!” Alex said excitedly. “See you in a little bit!”
“Mhmm!” Louise mumbled, her voice closed for some reason.
“Wow!” James said as Alex walked out of the dorm.
“Do you like my dress?” Alex asked, twirling around.
“It’s beautiful! And so are you!” He said.
Alex blushed.
All of the kids waited to get on the bus, so they could go to the building the academy had rented for the banquet.
“I”m so excited!” Alex said.
“Me too!” James replied.
“Hey Alex!” Louise said.
“Wow you look beautiful!” Alex said. Louise smiled. Her dress was black, which looked very good with her platinum blonde hair, in which she had done some beach waves. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked down at her dress. “I love this dress so much!”
James looked away. Louise frowned at him. “Oh, hi there James.”
“Hello Louise.” He responded, coldly.
“You remember this dress?”
“What?” He asked, trying to sound confused.
“I don’t need to explain. You know what I’m talking about.” Louise said coldly, and then walked away.
“What was that all about?” Alex asked, genuinely confused.
“She’s just a little sore over some past tension we’ve had.” He said, not looking Alex in the eye.
Alex raised an eyebrow, but decided to let it go and just enjoy the night.
When they got at the large room, it was very fun. They played some music, danced a little, ate, talked, and laughed. Alex couldn’t stop thinking about Louise and James, however. Whenever they accidentally bumped into each other, they seemed to just about want to strangle each other. And finally, someone broke the last straw.
“ALRIGHT JAMES, I WANT YOU TO ACCEPT REALITY! You can’t stop running from the truth!!” Louise yelled after James rolled his eyes at her.
“Oh sure, all you want is for me to just accept the fact that YOU ARE A PLAYER AND A BACKSTABBER!”
“THAT’S NOT TRUE!” James roared.
“What’s going on?” Alex asked, scared of what was going on between her friend and her boyfriend. Adalyn popped up, with her green mermaid dress and all. “What’s going on?” She asked Alex.
“I don’t know!” Alex said, scared.
Adalyn looked at Alex. “Look, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but Louise and James used to be a thing until you came. He kinda took after you, and broke up with Louise.”
Alex’s eyes were wide with surprise. “WHAT?” Alex yelled.
Adalyn opened her mouth, but then closed it.
Alex walked over to James and Louise. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”
“Tell you what?” James said, annoyed.
“YOU DATED EACH OTHER?” Alex roared.
James and Louise were speechless. “Who told you that?” Louise asked.
“Adalyn!” Alex said.
Louise sent some looks of death to Adalyn before responding to Alex. “Look, it was last school year. When we came back to school, we kinda lost feelings for each other, and then he met you. He broke up with me for you, and even though I didn’t really like him that much anymore, it still hurt. That’s why I was trying to be nice to you, but when you showed a little attitude, I went in a rage of fury.”
Louise sighed. “I was going to tell you, but then I backed out and fibbed that I was just glad we were friends.”
Alex’s eyes were wide with shock, but she recovered quickly. “Adalyn, is it ok if I stay in your dorm tonight?”
“Alex, calm down!” James said.
“SHUT UP JAMES. I don’t want to talk to you right now… I’ll do that later.” Alex sighed.
Louise gave one last protest. “Alex, why don’t you want to stay in our dorm? Don’t be afraid of the truth. Just because James and I once dated, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.”
“I just need time to think… I’m not really mad at you, Louise, but I am infuriated at James.” Alex said.
“Well, don’t worry, I’ve been infuriated with James for this entire school year, so I know how you feel.” Louise shrugged.
Adalyn put her arm around Alex. “You want to go to outside?”
“Yeah…” Alex said, swallowing tears.
Adalyn sent a look of death to Louise and James before walking outside with Alex.

*when you were previously writing crazy plot twists about people dying in a shipwreck and now the greatest plot twist you can pull is that a girl and a guy used to date*
This book is definitely interesting! I feel like M&R is a little more popular, and I love writing that, but sometimes I just really want to write this book. I feel like right now it’s a little dull, but this one I think has a greater spiritual lesson that I hope you guys will be able to see soon.
Thanks for Reading!

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Failure | Chapter 7

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