Failure | Chapter 6

James and Alex were the talk of the school. Alex found out that James was pretty popular, even though she thought he was kind of a nerd. That’s what she liked about him though. Her grades were actually pretty good, since James encouraged her to study. As far as she could tell, he was a great influence on her. She was very happy. She also met a few girls who kind of reminded her of Trisha and Stephanie. Their names were Madelyn Potter and Adalyn Potter. They were identical twins, and the only way anyone could distinguish them was because of their very different styles in clothing and makeup.  Madelyn tried to be hip and wear blue hair, but she got lazy and her hair was now a light brown and then faded into blue at the ends. She had dried mascara on her face from yesterday, but soon maybe she’d get inspired and get herself looking like a normal human again. Adalyn… well, Adalyn was like none other that Alex had ever seen. Adalyn insisted on being the complete polar opposite of what a normal human was supposed to look like. She had colored contact lenses that didn’t match, one eye had a purple contact, and the other was her natural eye color, green. She died her hair purple and would wear crazy lipstick. Her favorite was blue. Also she wore crazy clothes that somehow matched but didn’t quite match. Alex wasn’t sure why the school let her, but they said that as long as she didn’t have an inappropriate outfit or message in her outfit, she was fine.
Other than that, nothing had really changed. The school banquet was coming up, and James had already asked her to go with him. She said yes, of course, and Adalyn had been trying to help Alex pick an outfit. “Ok, how about this green mermaid dress with a purple veil?” Adalyn suggested.
“I’m trying to look like a human, not a washed up mermaid.” Alex laughed.
“Speak for yourself,” Adalyn said, tucking that outfit away for herself. “Alright, so you want to look normal… maybe you should get someone else to help you…”
Alex smiled. She turned around to Madelyn, but she was already snoring loudly. She thought of one person she could ask, but… that might be awkward.
“Hey guys, I’m going back to my dorm.” Alex said.
“Ok, make sure to come over when you’re free!” Adalyn said. Madelyn continued snoring as Alex grabbed some of the clothes she had brought over to Adalyn and Madelyn’s dorm and walked out to the hallway.
When she walked into her dorm, she saw Louise huddled in a blanket doing some homework. Louise said nothing as Alex walked to her bed, and put her clothes down. “Hey Louise…” Alex began, awkwardly. Louise looked up from her homework slightly annoyed. “Look, I just want to say I’m sorry. I was slightly annoyed that day, kind of in a bad mood. I want to be friends.”
Louise chewed thoughtfully on the wooden part of the pencil she was holding. “I’m sorry too. I just, I have to tell you something before we go on with this…”
“What?” Alex said, holding her breath just in case it was bad.
All of the sudden Louise slightly shook her head and said, “Uh, I was always hoping we would be friends.”
Alex wondered why Louise would say that, because that didn’t seem necessary. She didn’t question it, though, and simply smiled. “So do you want to help me pick out a dress? I’m going to go to the banquet with James.”
Louise smiled. “Yeah, sure!”

They picked out a light pink dress with white heels, and had a good time hanging out.
Sorry that this chapter is so short, but I felt this was a good place to start. I’m really enjoying this book, because it’s a little more easy for me to write than M&R, mainly because the WTTC series has happened a long time ago. I do love writing both of them, just this one requires less researchsweat oh and also, the picture above is the dress Alex wore to the banquet. It’s from Chicwish, and if you’re a girl and have a hard time finding semi-modest or modest dresses, I’d recommend this website strongly. It’s on the pricey side, but they have good sales. Anyways, I’ve decided it’s time for the interview of my characters! First up is obviously Alex. I will write some questions myself, but I want you guys to ask some too. Last time it was kind of a Failure (cough) but I’m hoping it will work out this timelol Thanks for reading!

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Failure | Chapter 6

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