Failure | Chapter 5

Alex sadly got ready to go for school. Breakfast was at 6:30. When she was in public school, she always got to eat breakfast at 7:45. Whatever. Her roommate was already gone. She actually never saw her. One day her roommate walked in.
“Hi, uh…”
“Hi!” Alex said, trying to sound cheerful. “I was just wondering if you wanted to get to know each other. My name is Alex, what’s yours?”
Her roommate blushed and looked down at her feet. “Uh, yeah… Alex, is it ok if I can actually switch rooms with a friend?”
Alex was very embarrassed. “Of course!” She tried to not sound hurt.
“Ok, there’s going to be a girl in here. I think her name is Lewis or something like that.”
Alex frowned. “Lewis?”
“I’m not really sure,” laughed Alex’s old roommate.
“Ok…” Alex turned around, annoyed. Her roommate paused. “Hey, Alex?”
“It’s nothing personal about you, it’s just that we didn’t really click and this other girl and I did.”
Alex sighed. “Yeah it’s fine.”
“Cool beans… anyways, my name is Julie so yeah…”
Alex stephanied. Then all of the sudden Alex thought about Stephanie and Trishia. She decided to text them.
“Hey guys, how’s school? I’m having a great time, but I’m missing you all. How’s Brad? How are you guys?” Alex texted. She put the phone down.
~ ~ ~
Alex went to breakfast and sat by herself, until someone sat in front of her. “Hi! What’s your name?”
Alex looked up to see a cute blonde haired, blue eyed boy. She smiled. “My name is Alex, what about you?”
“Name’s Cooper, James Cooper.” James said with a twinkle in his eye.
Alex was slightly confused. “So you’re name is Cooper James Cooper?” She asked, perplexed.
“Have you ever seen the movies James Bond?”
“Um, no…” She said, frowning. “When did that movie come out?”
“Well there are a lot of James Bond movies, but the first movie was released in the 70s or 60s – I think, and the last one was just in 2015.”
“Well it’s shocking that I didn’t see that movie since I’ve watched like every single movie that was released since 1990…” Alex laughed.
“Something tells me we’re going to get along,” James said with a grin on his face.
Alex and James spent the next few weeks hanging out. Sometimes Alex thought he might make a move, but he always blushed and then changed the subject.
Alex’s new roommate and her didn’t really get along. The girl’s name was Louise, but she was kinda… different. She didn’t watch movies all the time, in fact, she had a flip phone instead of a smartphone. Alex shivered. Another thing was that Lottie was just too good, kind of a teacher’s pet. She always got straight As and would study day and night.
At least she had James though. They would often watch movies together. One day James pulled Alex aside. “Hey Alex?”
“Yeah James?” She could feel her heart pounding.
“Uh, can I tell you something?”
“Sure,” She said, hoping he would ask her on a date, or romantically tell her of his unbounded love for her.
“I really like you,” He said.
On the outside, Alex just smiled. On the inside, Alex was screaming and jumping up and down. “I like you too!” She said, hoping no one could hear her heart exploding.
“Would you please – well, do you want to be my girlfriend?”
“Of course!” She said, not able to contain her excitement anymore. She wrapped her arms around his neck, then drew back quickly, embarrassed that she didn’t contain herself.
“Hey, who said I don’t like hugs?” James said. He put his arms around her and she felt like she would faint.
~ ~ ~
Alex sat down in her bed after being on a date with James.
“Hey Alex, how are you?” Louise said.
Alex grabbed her phone and tried not to stephanie. “Um, great. What about you?..”
“Pretty good! I hear you’re going out with James,” Louise said again.
“Uh, how did you know?” Alex said with a frown on her face.
“I’m pretty sure even the chemistry teacher knows about it.” Louise laughed.
Alex didn’t laugh. “Um, ok.” And then she looked down on her phone and texted Stephanie and Trisha.
“Look, why do you act like I’m a plague?” Louise said with sigh.
“Why do you always try to talk to me?” Alex raised her voice.
“I’m sorry if I want to be on good terms with my roommate,” Louise frowned. “Why is everyone here like this? I was told that this was a Christian school, but besides Bible class, no one even talks about God. No one even tries to be nice to me! My parents told me that they had such a good time in boarding school and that they made so many friends and learned more about God, but all I’ve learned is how mean kids can be.” Louise ran out of the room in tears.
Alex began to feel a twinge of guilt for being so mean to her, but on the other half she felt like Louise was too emotional. I felt really weird when I got here too, she thought. But now I have James. She’ll find someone.
So.. uh.. this chapter is like 1 week old lol… oops. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it! Make sure to comment how you are liking the story or predictions on what will happen! Thanks for readingrazz

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Failure | Chapter 5

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