Failure | Chapter 3

“Ok, let’s go to Forever21 aka the BEST store ever.” Trisha said.
Alex looked at the gigantic store and wondered if they’d ever get done with the shopping. Stephanie rolled her eyes for no apparent reason. Alex was beginning to think Stephanie had no control over her eyes and she just had to roll them.
Alex looked at the gigantic store and wondered if they’d ever get done with the shopping. She was about to discover that with Trisha, shopping froze time. They walked in that store at 11:37 and left at 4:29. Alex panted for breath. Not even Tide Pode memes could fill up the time that Trisha.
“That was soo fun! I got like six bags of clothing for you, Alex! And ten for me!” She laughed. “Alright, now on to H&M!”
Alex and Stephanie groaned silently.
“Alright, you’ll stay at my house and I’ll make you so beautiful you don’t recognize yourself.” Trisha hummed happily, but then stopped. “Not that you aren’t beautiful, but like you know, your choice of clothing is questionable.”
Alex frowned, confused. Stephanie rolled her eyes for the 496th time of the day.
“Alright, here’s some Tart concealer and foundation, Too Faced eyeshadow, Better Than -” Trisha paused. “Better Than Every Other Mascara Mascara,” she finally said. Alex peered over. “It says -”
“AND I got a BEAUTY BLENDER!” Trisha looked so excited. She was practically jumping up and down.
“It’s literally a sponge.” Stephanie said.
“A $25 sponge that is like magic.” Trisha retorted. Alex wondered how these two ever became friends, they agreed on literally nothing.
Stephanie rolled her eyes. Alex wondered if they’d ever just get stuck in there.
“Alright, let’s do this!” Trisha said. She had concealer, foundation, highlight, contour, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and a thousand other powders. She had 10 brushes and a beauty blender.
“Oh and we have some hair-dye.” Trisha said again. This is going to be a long night, Alex thought. She was right.
“I told you that mahogany color was gonna look lit on you!” Trisha said excitedly.
Stephanie rolled – you guys know. “Um I think you’re using the word ‘lit’ wrong. Isn’t that supposed to mean like a candle or something fun and or cool?”
This time Trisha half rolled her eyes. “Wow a lot you know!” She turned back to Alex. “Anyways, you look AMAZING. Brad is going to ask you out right now-”
“Hey guys.” Brad said. Alex blushed. Stephanie stephanied (she rolled here eyes). Trisha giggled. “Hey Brad! I would like to introduce you to Alex! She’s awesome and,” Trisha kind of murmured. “She’s really cute, don’t you think?”
Alex blushed. “Trisha!”
Brad smiled. “Hey Alex, I haven’t seen you around.”
Alex laughed. “Well, I’ve been around. I mean like, I’ve been living – but -”
Alex stopped talking. Brad smiled. “What’s your number, Alex?”
Trisha almost jumped up and down but Stephanie grabbed her just in time. Alex tried not to join Trisha. The hours of shopping, being pampered by Trisha, and the giggling of Trisha was all worth it for this moment.
“Do you have one?” Brad finally said.
“Oh – yeah I have one.”
“You know, I’ve always thought yellow might be a good color for a wedding dress.” Trisha commented in between giving Alex advice on what to text next.
Stephanie stephanied at that. “She isn’t getting married! She’s literally 16.”
“Guys guys guys!!” Alex broke in. “Brad invited me to a party!”
Trisha screamed – literally. “Ok ok ok ok… all you have to do is be like ‘I’ll check my BUSY schedule.’”
“Look, Alex, guys don’t really care about that little game. If you want to go with him -”
“Of course I do!!”
“-Just say yes.” Stephanie said. Trisha stephanied. Alex liked that idea. “Ok, I said yes.”

Trisha squealed. “Just call me Match-Maker.”
Hey guys! I know you guys don’t know, but next chapter is going to be big. I know that right now it seems to be slightly juvenile but it’ll get better. Trust me 🙂

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Failure | Chapter 3

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