Experience the Pathfinder Bible Experience


Ever wanted to go on a road trip? How about going with your six best friends? Well strangely enough, you can do this every year as a Pathfinder.

Although the 2017 Pathfinder Bible Experience competitions have already begun, it’s not too late to get a little taste of the fun by attending one of the remaining events. Each year there are Area competitions usually starting in January, followed by Conference-wide competitions in February, and—you guessed it—March is when the Union level competitions happen. Finally just when winter starts to break and spring is in full swing, the April competition is for the top teams in all of North American Division (NAD). This year’s NAD competition will be held just outside Chicago.

So click on the link below, grab your closest group of friends, crack open your Bibles and start planning an epic road trip next year.


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Experience the Pathfinder Bible Experience

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