Exercise Dominion


       The earth was beautiful……what happened? Of course, sin has entered the world,
and because of that humans have turned into poor stewards of the earth. By
that, I mean that we have not taken care of the earth that God has given us
like He would have wanted. I believe that we can all take better care of the

       First of all, there are limited natural
resources on this planet. With the human population booming, we are using more
of these resources than ever before. Take trees for example. By 2011, (last
year), over half of the world’s natural forests had been attacked with a chain
saw. We need trees! Trees provide
habitats for animals and air for us to breathe. Humans also drink over 13 tons
of water each day, and if only 2.5% of all water on Earth is fresh water, then
we’ll glug up all that water in a minimal amount of time!

       In the Bible, nature is used in many
parables and symbols. In Daniel, we find bears, goats, water, birds, trees,
lions etc. There are also numerable mentions of nature in the books of Isaiah
and Job. We can also draw out many object lessons from nature. For example, 2
Cor. 5:17, read it and you will find that the metamorphosis of the butterfly
illustrates this verse perfectly.

       Most importantly, God wants us to take
care of the Earth. In Gen. 2:19, 20 God gives man dominion over the earth. When
God said that, He gave man the responsibility to maintain order over the Earth.
That would consist of using our natural resources wisely and being kind to our
planet, don’t you think? 

       Let’s all try our best to be good
stewards of the earth, even if it’s as little a thing as shutting a light off,
not using plastic bags at the grocery store, not littering, planting a tree, or
putting up a bird feeder. Have fun experiencing God’s Creation!! 








P.S This was one of my writing assignments in 6th grade(last year). I was supposed to “persuade an audience”. How’d I do?

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Exercise Dominion

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