Eve’s Journal Part 1 of 2

I am Eve, present wife of Adam, the provider of the rib. Here I stand, facing the golden banks of the Euphrates River. Bright green fish dart through its clear waters while pure white swans wade in its shallow pools. I spot Adam climbing the roots of the mangroves that cover the sandy shore. Now he sees me and is giving me his warm friendly smile.

“Adam! Eve!” a delicate voice says.

It’s Jesus, my best friend. Adam now jumps down from the trees and quickly rushes over to me. Jesus strolls peacefully up to us, wearing a happy grin.

“Hello you two” He exclaims.

His chocolate brown hair swishes and swirls in the gentle breeze.

“Hello Jesus” I cry, clearly overcome with excitement. “What a pleasure to see you!”

I wrap my long thin arms around him, engulfing him in a big hug. Jesus laughs with joy. Suddenly Jesus motions to my shoulder. I look where he is pointing. A beautiful shiny blue parrot intently sits on my shoulder. I giggle and stroke its silky back. Adam stretches his arm out to the parrot and is greeted by soft little nibbles from its large majestic beak.

“Walk with me” Jesus states.

He waves his light brown hand in the air, motioning for us to follow. We do as He says. We rush up beside Him.

“There is something very important I need to tell you” He explains seriously.

I look at Adam as I twirl my blonde hair with my finger. Adam shrugs and glances at Jesus.

“I need you to listen carefully. This is a matter of life and death.” Jesus continues. “There is a special tree in the middle of the garden. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You must not eat from this tree or you will die”

Adam and I cringe. Death… I hardly know what it is, let alone understand it! All I know is that it doesn’t fit into the ‘Happy Category’ so I wouldn’t even try to test its wrath. Jesus turns to us both and sighs.

“Please! Don’t fall into Evil’s trap” He comments.

“We won’t!” Adam and I say in unison.

His face explodes into His usual toothy smile, showing His diamond – like teeth that glimmer in the now setting sun.

“Thankyou my friends” He cries. “Well I must be off”

He eyes the orange and purple colours dancing in the sky.

“It’s beautiful!” I shout. “It’s a beautiful master piece!”

“Yes” Jesus replies. “I’m glad you enjoy this spectacle. Good-bye!”

“Bye Jesus” Adam shouts.

“Bye!” I add.

Jesus disappears into the mass of bright green trees. I shut my eyes and stretch out my arms as the wind briskly brushes past. What a wonderful day. I feel Adam’s warm hand rub my back as he plants a kiss on my forehead. I smile and lean my head on his shoulder. Life could never get better than this. Suddenly something warm and moist touches my foot. I jump with surprise. Adam chuckles. I look down to see a snow white dog staring contently at me with its deep blue eyes.

“Aww! You’re so cute” I whisper as I slowly pick it up.

Adam, the dog and I cuddle up beside a tree and fall asleep.

It’s morning. My eyes pop open. Adam is still asleep. I look out at the ripples swaying on the blue water. I need a swim. It just looks so refreshing. I look back down at Adam. It’ll be ok. Only a few minutes and I’ll be back. I quietly stand up and run to the water’s edge. I giggle as the water splashes on my toes. I dip myself into the water and get face to face with a shiny grey hippo. After half an hour I lay myself down on the other side of the river.

“Some delicious fruit would be good” I tell myself.

I jump up and look around. I see a beautiful tree blossoming with bright red fruit. I turn to go there but then remember that this is the tree Jesus told us not to eat of. Maybe I’ll just look at it. I won’t eat. Just…admire it. I walk up to it and eye the pretty patterns that run up the trunk of the tree.

“Eve…” a mysterious voice hisses.

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Eve’s Journal Part 1 of 2

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