Escape from Bulgaria – chapter 4

 Hello! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I haven’t posted this for awhile so here are the links to the previous chapters.

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They were ready. Bozhidar had a pass as a tourist, and Yordanka had a pass to the fair. She would take the boys. One day they set out to the fair. They separated to make it look less suspicious. They couldn’t bring much. All they had was a tiny bag with a Bible, socks for the boys, and a songbook. In Paraskev’s jacket, Yordanka had cut the lining a little to create a big pocket. In it, they put their important papers and things. 

As Yordanka and the boys came to a checkpoint, the guard asked for their pass. Yordanka showed it to him. Then the guard started to reach for the little bag. ” Please God, don’t let us get in trouble.” Yordanka silently prayed. All of a sudden the guard pulled his hand back quickly, and let them pass. ” Thank You God, Thank You.” Yordanka whispered as they made there way to the spot they were supposed to meet Bozhidar at. 

After they met, they made their way through the fair and got into Yugoslavia. They wanted to find a taxi going away from Bulgaria, but all the vehicles were going into Bulgaria. “We can’t just stand here,” Bozhidar said, “for the guards over there will be suspicious.” They didn’t know what to do, so they made their way over to a bench. They were all praying that a taxi would come. But none came. The guards noticed them and called them over. Since Bozhidar had a tourist pass, he was safe, but they told Yordanka and the boys to go back. 


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Escape from Bulgaria – chapter 4

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