Escape from Bulgaria- chapter 3

Hello everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter and I hope to post the next one next week. Here’s chapter 3 of
                                            Escape from Bulgaria
                                                    Chapter 3:
“What is it, Bozhidar?” Yordanka asked. “What is it?” “Shh,” Bozhidar whispered, “I have come up with a plan.” Yordanka listened intently as he explained. Every year in Bulgaria there was a celebration because, from 7 am to 7 pm the gate separating Bulgaria from Yugoslavia* would be opened. A while back, these to countries were separated with a big, tall gate. And the gate separated more than those countries, it separated families, friends, and relatives. They would obtain passes, but to make it look less suspicious, Yordanka and the boys would get a pass for the party, and Bozhidar would get a tourist pass to Yugoslavia. They would then meet, and somehow leave the country. It would be dangerous, but they knew it was God’s will.
*i looked Yugoslavia up on google maps, but it may not exist anymore. I may be wrong though.

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Escape from Bulgaria- chapter 3

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