Escape from Bulgaria – Chapter 2

Hello everybody! Thank you all for commenting on the last chapter. I’m sorry I didn’t post for the last few weeks, but I’ve been very busy with school and pathfinders and other stuff. Since I’ll be on thanksgiving vacation this whole week, I’ll try to write as much as I can and post a chapter every week or two. I know this chapter and the last were short, but I never realized how much work a whole paragraph takes. I’ll try to work on making them longer though. Now here is chapter two of
                                                Escape from Bulgaria
                                                         Chapter 2:
One day, Bozhidar was walking home. But then decided to take a little country road instead of the main road. “What’s that?” he wondered to himself. For he saw a building. And inside he heard singing. He timidly approached and knocked on the door. “Welcome!” a man whispered as he let him in. “Please come in!” “Thank you sir!” Bozhidar replied “Um, excuse me,” Bozhidar whispered to the man sitting next to him “what are you doing?” “We are worshiping our God” The man replied. “But isn’t that against the law?” Bozhidar exclaimed. “Yes, but it’s not against God’s law, please stay.” Yes, I will” Bozhidar replied. “Perhaps their God can help me,” he thought.
Bozhidar stayed for the whole service and came every week. Eventually he and his family became Christians. Now with God on their side, could they escape? Or was it His will that they stay in Bulgaria?
One day Bozhidar came home from work. “Yordanka!” He said as quietly as he could. “Come with me outside. We need to talk.”

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Escape from Bulgaria – Chapter 2

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