English Assignment

  To give you a forward, my English teacher assigns us 800 words to write each week on a subject she picks. This is the story I made for this week. Enjoy! 🙂



The ship
was being overrun. The ship was a cruise liner, carrying passengers
around Alaska. The views from the ship were amazing and breathtaking
in most areas. A group of small motor boats carrying a few dozen men
apiece had surrounded the cruise liner. One of the boats, obviously
carrying the leader of the small naval gang, drove up right in front
of the liner. He shouted to the captain that he had either of two
options; he could give up the ship and save everyone’s lives, or he
could try to escape and be killed along with all the passengers and
sailors. The captain radioed for help, knowing he was out of range of
any help that could come, but kept trying anyway.

pirate leader, George, was a tough, African-American man. He had
grown up in a ghetto in the city of Chicago. He had learned early on
how to fend for himself and how to fight dirty. He had robbed his
first store with a group of friends when he was only ten. They had
burst into the small, dirty shop wielding bats, knives, and anything
else that they could get their hands on, demanding money. The money
they had received wasn’t very much, only about three dollars apiece
if all the boys divided it evenly among themselves.

stood at the bow of the motor boat he was in. The captain hadn’t
acknowledged that the message had been received yet. He looked up at
the bridge, straining to see if the captain was standing near the
wheel. He gave up after a few minutes, for he couldn’t see any
movement up on the bridge. He decided to try again. As George began
to shout the cruise liner’s options again, he heard a low rumbling
sound as the huge ship began to slowly inch its way foward. The gap
between the ship’s bow and the small motor boat where George stood in
was beginning to shrink. He yelled to the man at the back of the boat
to fire up the engine and get them out of there, which the man did.
The boat sped away and out of the cruise ship’s path.

the ship, passengers were beginning to get worried. A few of them had
heard both shouts that the pirate leader had made, while only most of
them had heard the second shout. The passengers began to scurry all
over the ship, running for their cabins to secure their valuables. In
all the hustle and bustle, no one noticed a single man peek out of
the door leading to the bridge and slink away.

captain of the cruise liner lay on the floor of his cabin. The
medication that he had taken earlier that morning made him very
sleepy. He so tired that he had decided to lie down on the wooden
floor of his cabin, falling instantly asleep as he laid down. The
ship’s movement mixed together with the noise of the passengers
screaming out in terror, people shouting commands to family members,
and the sound of the door to his cabin opening made him wake up
almost instantly.

The man
who had been in the cruise liner’s bridge a few minutes earlier burst
into the room where the captain lay, awake now, on the floor. His
name was Ryan and he was second in command to George. He had been
earlier instructed by George to take control of the bridge when he
saw the group of boats nearing the cruise ship. He looked up to
George. George was a powerful man, nobody could mess with him or they
would get seriously wounded. George had grown up in a ghetto, where
Ryan on the other hand had grown up in a modern city with good
grades. He had rebelled for fun in college, doing certain things that
would likely get him expelled. He had
gotten expelled and run
away to Chicago where he met George.

captain looked around the room, his eyes settling on the figure of a
man dressed in civilan clothes. The captain could see the telltale
bulge of a gun underneath the man’s t-shirt and he cautiously stood
up, raising his hands while doing so. “Move
slowly over to the wall with your back toward me,” came
the man’s
voice, “and
sudden movements or I will be forced to shoot.” The captain did
as he was told and moved until he was facing the wall. He gritted his
teeth and began to pray unlike ever before.

watched as the boat began to slow, and then stop. He signaled the
other pirates to drive up close to the ship, which they did. On the
count of three, all the pirates swung grappeling hooks onto the
ship’s railing to make sure the boats wouldn’t float away. The
pirates then scaled the ropes and climbed over the railing and
unholstered their guns in one movement.

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English Assignment

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