Do You see me?

Sometimes I cant find you.

When all seems dark, I cant go on
My life is torn apart.
Do You feel the pain I feel,
The aching of my heart
It’s times like these that try me,
That see how long I can go
Do You hear my cry?
Do You know?
Can you see how I am struggling
Trying to go on
If You can, I’m asking You, Help me I cant hold on long.
Are You there? Can you see? Can I trust You?
I’m not sure, I don’t know, it is all so new.
Is it real? Can I trust You? will you be there for me?
Will you comfort me in my time of need?
I need answers, I need hope, I need to know
Do You hear my cry?
Do You know?
Are You loving, are You kind, do you see me?
Can you hear me?
Do You know me?
Can I trust You?

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Do You see me?

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