CS7-004 (finally………..)

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” Hey mom! This is Audrey. Do you mind if she eats dinner with us?” Jack asked his mom. His little siblings were bouncing with excitement and asking Callie a million questions. She couldn’t even count them. There were so many little tikes running around yapping like chihuahuas on a sugar buzz.

“Sure, honey. How about you make our guest more comfortable?” She replied while trying to make a casserole amongst the racket that was going on. She hinted a knowing smile toward Callie who was blushing furiously.

“Alright Audrey, make yourself comfortable.” Jack’s mom said again so sweetly. Callie thought that this house was about as homey as the Grand Canyon. As in, it was so fancy. Shelves filled with priceless antiques, Crystal cups and dishes, even a shining sword in a sheath hanging on a wall.

Callie couldn’t help it. But she sensed something really weird going on…….


Dinner came and went, and Callie was invited to go sit outside on the O’Flaherty’s porch. She scanned the small, decorated area and chose a cute, green sofa to sit on, while Jack came out and sat directly across from her. She didn’t feel THAT uncomfortable, but just shrugged it off. Mrs. O’Flaherty was inside trying to calm her still-crazy kids down, leaving Jack and Callie outside. Then finally Jack decided to try to break the ice.

“So Callie, er… I mean..” Jack didn’t even finish his sentence, he just slapped his hand across his mouth and his eyes were wide open. Then he just got up and started to slowly back away.

” What information do you know about me?” Callie stated with her mouth open staring at him.

” I uh… I’m so sorry Callie- I had to,” Jack just said quietly.

” You HAD TO? What does that even mean?” Callie almost screamed at him.

” I’m so sorry, you see, I’m a uh….well…. Secret agent for the CS7 agency, and I was sent to track you and the head of the agency is….. uh.. Well………..” He trailed off slowly.

” Dr, Granger, isn’t it?” Callie answered with a tone of boredom in her voice.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW?” Jack yelled at her, but not in an angry way.

” uh HELLO????? Dude, I’M an agent for Dr. Granger. But just so I know that you are not lying, what is the password?” She said matter-of-factly.

” Password? Oh yeah, here, lemme write it down so that no one hears.” He took a piece of paper and a green pen and scribbled down:


Callibri-7 CS7-002 Dr. Granger CS7


“Wow, you really are an agent. But why were you sent to track me?” Callie asked.

“Uh….. well………… please don’t tell anyone, but Granger wants to somehow fire you. He wants to “make you fail a mission” and then totally ruin your reputation.” He said sadly.

“WHAT?” Callie said,” but I thought that he was on my side!”

” uh huh……. And he CLEARLY isn’t.  He sent ME out to track you and fail you, along with some girl named Jesse.”

“JESSE?!?!?!? She is my best friend!” Callie exclaimed.

“No, she actually isn’t. She was on a MISSION to track YOU down and find out all of your secrets…” Jack answered ” How do you think that Granger “fired” all those agents last year?”

“Then I’ll need your help” Callie said, bracing herself for whatever might come.


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CS7-004 (finally………..)

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