Hey! If you’ve seen this: 
You know I am looking for ideas for my possible second entry for Talent Showcase. So all of you that want to help me, please enter this contest!
Subject: Anything, though preferably about horses, a ranch, etc.
Summary: Provide a 100 to 1004 character summary of your idea.
Characters: Please give full form of character name, age, and personality.
Reward: Here are the rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in contest. Others will get honorary mentions.
1st: Story idea accepted, plus characters and special mention of their horse name(if a horse idea is accepted)
2nd: Character mention and horse name(if the 1st place horse story is accepted)
3rd: Character.
And……………. special thanks to the 1st place winner for giving me the idea if someone wins! Thank u all, and don’t give up on your writing dreams! cool

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