CONTEST for “Are You There?” Series

Hey, y’all!
I’m holding a contest for all of you reading my series!
To participate, here’s what you do. You go down to that little comment box, and you type ALL of the following:
  • An uplifting and encouraging christian contemporary song; include name of artist/band and name of song.
  • A character description. Things like basically what the character looks like, a bit of their personality, and something about them, like hobbies, siblings, or something random like they can juggle or they have a pet iguana. And don’t forget their name!
  • Two uplifting and encouraging bible verses. Remember to include where they’re found!
Now, here’s how I pick the winner and the ‘prize.’
As soon as I am able to upload my next chapter, I will take a look back here at your comments. All the comments that have the right info, I will write your usernames down on slips of paper and draw one from the bag. (honest – I won’t cheat!) Then I will announce the winner at the beginning and add the song, character, and bible verses into the story!
Any questions about the contest ask ASAP so I can answer them before publishing the next chapter.
Good luck!
And thank you!
P.S. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place, too, but those prizes are a surprise!
Luv ya,

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CONTEST for “Are You There?” Series

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