Contest and Christina Part 7 (Finally)




 A knock at
Christina’s door the next morning came rather untimely, and what she considered
quite early. Christina sighed and slid off the bed and into her soft slippers
waiting on the floor. She wondered who it might be at this time in the morning.
Walking quickly over to the door, she opened it, only to be quickly pushed
aside as her mother, trailed by several other people, walked in.



Queen Charlotte turned around and said, “I expected that you
would sleep in till nine o’clock on such an important day as this, but that
still doesn’t excuse it. I do hope you have your speech all memorized and



“Well…” Christina stalled for time, “There is always room
for improvement…”



Charlotte spun around at Chris’s delay, “Do you have a
speech, and you probably don’t even know what today is do you?”



Christina still was a bit fuzzy from sleep and wouldn’t have
been able to remember if it was her birthday let alone any other important day.
Chris shook her head slowly, “No I can’t remember.”



“Let’s see… Well yesterday was Monday, October 18. I am sure
you know what today is then, right?”



And just like that, it hit Christina, today was probable one
of the most important days of her life. Her 16
th birthday. Of course, today would be the one day I
sleep in and forget to practice my speech for. Come on! It isn’t every day that
you are officially crowned High Princess of Vendara!
Christina thought to



The shock that coursed through Chris’ body, must have shown
up on her face.



“Ahhh I see you remember something then,” the queen’s words
bit deeply into Christina’s heart.



“Well we must leave in two hours, I am sure that is enough
time to get yourself presentable enough for the ceremony. You will just have to
learn your speech on the drive,” Charlotte said just before spinning out the
door, leaving the others behind.

Alright in order to finish this “chapter” I am going to need your participation.

A character contest!

Name: First, middle*, last, and title*

Age: newborn and up

Personality: shy, friendly, snobby, and such

Physical Characteristics: Height, hair, eyes, glasses, those kinds of things

Who they are: someone’s cousin, or nobility, or whatever

Bible Verse: book, chapter, verse, and why you chose it

* Opptional

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Contest and Christina Part 7 (Finally)

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