Coming Soon

vs. 1                                                                     vs. 5
God will lead you                                                   Take heed to the warning 
If you just take his hand                                         Jesus coming is near  
The way is narrow                                                 Be prepared at all times             
So follow his plan                                                  To meet Him in the air
vs. 2                                                                     vs. 6
Read your bible                                                     He soon will be here
And pray everyday                                                 He’s coming again
They end is coming                                                He’s our Lord and Savior
so stop all the play                                                 Father and Friend
vs. 3
Share the good news                                             Written by: SEKAYI_101lol[me]
Of our salvation
And the hope of
Our recreation
vs. 4
Tell others of his love
Mercy, peace and grace
So they may be saved
And make Heaven their place

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Coming Soon

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