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Vacation Bible School S.O.S

One day a girl named Katy was going to VBS. (Vacation Bible School) (But this vacation bible school was for 2 weeks straight. No going back home each day.) Since this was her first year she was extremely nervous. As Katy’s mom dropped her off she said “I know you’re nervous Katy but don’t worry, God will protect you.” “Thanks Mom!” Katy said as she grabbed her duffel bag and got out of the car. “Bye.” Katy said as she cut the car door. Her mom waved. Then Katy watched as her mom’s mini-van pulled out of the drop-off parking. Katy then turned around to find a girl standing in front of her. “Hi!” The girl said. “Um… Hey! Do you know where the instructor is?” Katy asked. “You mean Al? He’s right over there. The guy in the green shirt and tan shorts.” The girl said. “Thanks.” She said. Then she walked over to Al. “Hi, I’m Katy Brown. I was wondering where my bunk is and who my room mate is.” Katy said observing Al. He was practically bald and he was very tall. “Ah, let me see… Katy Brown…Katy Brown.” Al said searching his sheet for Katy’s name. “You’re with Laura Micheal. You’re room number is 45. I hope you have a great time at the Seven Day Adventist Vacation Bible School!” Al said. “Now here’s the schedule.” He handed her the schedule. “Thanks.” She said as she took the paper. Then she got her duffel bag and went inside the huge school. I thought Vacation Bible School was at a church. Katy thought. I guess not this one. Then she continued walking, observing her surroundings. When Katy finally found her room she knocked on the door. “Come in.” A girl’s voice said. Katy opened the door. The room was huge! Katy knew that her side of the room would look like nothing compared to Laura’s. Laura’s side had posters, pictures, drawings, and much more all over the wall! “So…you’re Katy.” Laura said hands on hips staring at Katy. “Um… yeah, I am.” Katy replied. Then there was 3 minutes of awkwardness with both girls staring at each other. “I guess I should get unpacking.” Katy said. “Yeah then after you’re done, I’ll give you a tour.” Laura said. Then Katy started unpacking. “So, you’re a newbie?” Laura asked. “Yeah, how come Vacation Bible School is in a school?” Katy asked. “It’s in a school because this school is a boarding school. And it’s not being used for only 4 weeks in the summer so all students and staff could go visit their families. So Al wanted to have a Vacation Bible School for Seventh Day Adventist here. And his wish was granted!” Laura replied. “But since Vacation Bible School is only  2 weeks, for another 2 weeks the school is not being used.” “Oh.” Katy said. Another awkward silence. Finally Katy finished unpacking, so Laura gave her a tour. “So is this your 2nd year here?” Katy asked “Nope, my 7th. “Wow you’ve came here a lot! How old are you?” Katy asked. “I’m 12 been here since I was 5. I was in the toddler group. Now I’m in the tween group. Just because you’re my room mate doesn’t mean we are in the same age division. How old are you?” Laura asked. “I’m 11.” Katy replied. “Yes! This is my 2nd year in a row staying in the same bunk with a girl close to my age!” Laura said happily. “Cool.” Katy said sounding bored. Then she looked at her schedule. “Looks like we’re supposed to be in the Cafeteria so we can be in our assigned groups.” Katy said. “Oh, right. Almost forgot.” Then the girls quickly walked till they found the Cafeteria, Laura leading the way. When they got in, they found seats, and sat patiently for Al to arrive. At last. He came. “Hey guys! I’m Alex, but you can call me Al. I’m the founder of this program. It has been here for 16 years! I’m very glad that lots of kids come here each summer to have fun and learn about God. This is Ms. Artie, who is in charge of the food here.” After Ms. Artie talked about the food, everyone was handed a pamphlet of all the clubs and activities. Then Al announced the teams. “OK, I’m going to call out all of you’re names in a certain team. If that’s OK, yell OK!” “OK!” Kids yelled. “OK!” Al chuckled. ” The kids in Team Jesus is, Angel Rock, Lina Tablet, Maria Ross, Roy Nonsense, Jack Max, Patrick Filed,  Ella Marcus, Alana Marts, and Mitchel Davis. Please go up to Mr. Mack, the teams directer.” The girls and boys, who all looked like they were in the toddler division, all went up to Mr.Mack. “Now.” Al said. “Team Righteous, when your name is called, go to Mrs. Ride. Sara Kim, Mike Lot, Laura Micheal, Nano Rios, Katy Brown, Johnathon Hippest, Jimmy Left, Sara Left, Tina White and Riley Forge.” Katy and Laura went to Mrs.Ride, feeling happy that they were in the same group. While Al continued announcing names, Mrs.Ride led the 10 kids to a room where there was couches, vending machines, computers, and wide screen T.Vs. This looked like a gaming room. “Every one, have a seat, and make yourselves at home. Feel free to use the vending machines, but please do not touch anything else. I’ll be right back. 7 minutes later Mrs.Ride was back with a packet of bibles. “OK, guys whenever we have a meeting, we meet here, in the gaming room. Now you guys chat. I have to go get something else.” Then Mrs.Ride left. Katy went to a guy named Jimmy. “Hey, I’m Katy, I’m a newbie. How long have you been here?” Katy asked trying to mingle. “Ha! You think I’m just gonna talk to you? Just like that? First you have to pass an test!” “A test?” Katy said uneasily. “Well duh! OK, first question, have you ever kissed a guy?” “Um…this is Christian talk.” Katy said nervously. “No, I’m just asking. Because you’re about to be kissed.” He leaned close. “Um… Bye!” Katy left the room feeling stressed. “Oh my God! Please help me!” She thought aloud. “Come back!” Jimmy said laughing. Katy continued down the hall trying to find Mrs.Ride. “Mrs.Ride? Mrs.Ride?” Then Katy saw her. “Mrs.Ride!” She said. “Mrs.Ride turned and saw her. “Katy! What are you doing? Go back into the game room!” She said, alarmed to find Katy wondering in the halls. “Um… That Jimmy guy was acting…uh… inappropriate.” Katy said. “I’ll be right there.” Mrs.Ride said. 5 minutes later Mrs.Ride was in the game room with all the other kids including Katy. “Jimmy! Come here! NOW!” Jimmy came. “Yes Mrs.Ride?” He said sounding all innocent. “What were you doing to Katy?” She asked. “Just giving her my usual test.” He said “Didn’t I tell you last year to stop giving those test? They are inappropriate for Vacation Bible School! I’m going to have to report you to Al.” “NO! Please don’t! I’ll stop!” Jimmy begged. “I’m sorry Jimmy but each year you do this to newbies who are girls, and it very wrong!” Then Mrs.Ride took Jimmy by the arm and brang him out the game room door. Every one was watching. 

What will happen to Jimmy?
Will Katy quit Vacation Bible School?
Does this school seem weird to you?
Want to find out more? 
Then stay tuned for
Part 2 of Vacation Bible School S.O.S!
Thanks for reading Part 1!
Authors Note: Hi! To tell the truth, Iv’e never been to vacation bible school! But iv’e heard that it’s really fun! Anyway since summer’s here (and almost here in some states) I wanted to make a story with VBS (Vacation Bible School) in it. But this story has twist and turns! Please read Part 2 as soon as I write it and it get’s accepted!
Thanks a Million!

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Chritian SOS

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