Christina part 6???



Great now Lilliana
won’t want ever want to be my friend. After this, how could she. She wouldn’t
trust me
, Christina thought, Oh well,
maybe, I could at least try.

Christina dropped down on the plush couch next to Lilliana.
“Sooo…” Christina said the first thing that came to her head, “Are you mad at

Lilliana jerked her head up and gasped. “How could I be mad
at you? I mean, I was the one who accused YOU of spying!

“Well for starters, I did lie to you,” she reminded her.

“Well maybe you did, but I know the truth now before anyone
got hurt. That is what matters isn’t it? But I suspected you of spying, I mean
that isn’t exactly proper etiquette for a princess,” Lilliana stated

“If I had wanted you to know, I would have told you. As this
conversation is evidence enough. I wanted you to be my friend because you
wanted to, not because I was the princess” Chris replied

“You want to be my
friend?” Lilliana almost yelled.

“Yeah! I mean unless there is someone else standing between
you and me, it is you I am talking to!” Christina said matter-of-factly.

“I guess that makes us friends then!” Lilliana exclaimed.

“Whew, I am so relieved! I had been trying and trying to
think of a way to tell you without you being mad. And by the way, since we are
now friends, please call me by my name, I hate being call princess and all that
stuff,” Chris admitted

“I am glad to put your mind at ease Christina,” Lilliana giggled,
“Wait, can I call you Chris?”

“Of course!” Chris assured her, “do you go by Lilliana or
Lilly or something?”

“Oh yeah,” Lilliana remembered, “Everybody calls me Lily,
except my mother. She calls me by my first name, Genevieve. But I don’t really
like that name, and it didn’t really stick, so they call me by my middle name.”


Sorry Kinda short, but it had been too long since I posted and I figured it was better than nothing.

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Christina part 6???

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