Christina part 5



Wait! What am I
thinking! My father just gave me a key!
Reaching into her pocket Christina
pulled out the key. She sighed deeply to steady herself. This is all so exciting! Maybe
there could be treasure –



“Hello? Anyone in here?” a voice called, interrupting her



Slamming the book case back over the door, Christina grabbed
a book and walked toward the voice. Seeing Lilliana standing in the doorway,
looking very much surprised, Christina said the first thing that came to her
head, “Now you are the one spying!”



“I am not!” Lilliana protested, “The king asked for someone
to come and see if Princess Christina had found the new book he got for her.”



“Well than I guess you had find the princess than hadn’t
you?” Christina asked.



“Yes, that is why I am here, I was hoping that the princess
would be here,” Lilliana informed her, “since I still haven’t met her and
therefore don’t know what she looks like.”



“Well that is a conundrum than isn’t it?” Chris replied.



“Hey,” Lilliana exclaimed, “Maybe you could help me! You do
know her don’t you?”



“Well, I mean,” Chris was at a loss for words.



“Yeah, I’ll do whatever you are doing, and you find out if
she found the book,” Lilliana exclaimed.



Relieved that she had found a way to hide her true identity,
Christina quickly agreed.



“Well I was just reading, but I will find Christina and ask
her anyways,” the princess said. 



“Wow you always end up with the hardest jobs don’t you?” a
teasing voice spoke up from somewhere in the bedroom, “I mean it will be really
hard for you to find the princess won’t it?”



“Who are you?” Chris asked stepping around Lilliana to get a
better view of the bedroom.



“I am surprised that you don’t know me Christina,” the voice emphasized.



Christina heard Lilliana gasp, but was more interested in
finding the origin if the mysterious voice. She stepped out into the room but
couldn’t see who it was.



Finally Lilliana said, “You are the princess?”



“Yes I am,” Christina stated simply.



“And I am Christopher,” he added, stepping out into view.



“What are you doing here?” Chris asked suspiciously.



“Do I need a reason?” he replied, “Aren’t I your brother?
Can’t I just drop by and say hello?”



“I do suppose you could. But that isn’t why you are here, is
it?” she countered.



“No it is not. I want to know what you found, or whatever it
is you are keeping a secret.” He finally stated.



“What makes you think I have something to hide?” she shot



“Well, that is very easy. One father called you to him, and
you came out with a key, and looking very thoughtful. Two, you are nervous
right now. Three, you still have the key in your hand.” Christopher smugly



“Even if I had something to hide, what makes you think I
would tell you?” Christina answered.



“Come now Christina, we aren’t twins for nothing. Either you
will tell me, or I will figure it out,” he said hotly, “Good night.”



with that, the price of Vendara walked out the door. Lilliana looked very
confused. Which was quite obvious that she usually wasn’t. She plopped down on
the floor and sighed. Oh no! What am I going to do? I accused the
PRINCESS of spying! That has to be worth at least my job! What will happen now?
What will my family do know?
Thoughts spiraled through Lilliana’s head.

The next part may not be up for like two weeks because I will be at camp meeting with no internet access. Please give me ideas for the next part in the mean time. I will have it up as soon as I can. Don’t give up on me. If you don’t like something in it, or have any questions please ask or reply.

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Christina part 5

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