Christian Boarding School.


we are here! Please collect your luggage and leave the bus in an orderly line.”
Miss Lark called. She watched as the 12 children aged 10-14 gathered their
suitcases. “Are you ready? Then please follow me to your new boarding school.”
They entered a large 5-storey brick building. “Welcome to Westmount Christian
Academy. I’m your principal, Mrs. Goodman. Are you excited to be here?” A few
half-hearted cheers were heard from the group. “Actually no. I’d rather be at
my old school but I just came because my parents made me. This is going to be
so lame.” a dark haired girl with blue eyes said. “Please apologize Becky.
That’s disrespectful.” Miss Lark reprimanded. Becky mumbled something
unintelligible. “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way Becky. I hope your outlook
will change with time.” Mrs. Goodman replied. Becky shrugged and began applying
lip gloss. Miss Lark sighed. Even she could hardly believe that the children
were Christian. That was why the church had called the ‘Adult Member Only’


“We need to
do something about this!” Mr. Williams had said. “These kids don’t even act
like Christians. I’m not even sure they absorb much of what we’re teaching
them.” “I know, but what can we do? I think the kids are being influenced by
their schools. In the summer, they seem to progress and behave better, but when
they go back to school, they relapse into their old ways. ” Pastor Richard
sighed. “We could start a church school.” Miss Lark suggested. “We don’t’ have
enough children to start a school.” Pastor Richard said. “Does anyone have any
other ideas?” There was a moment of silence. Then Becky’s mother, Mrs. Williams
said “Oh, I know! Westmount Christian Academy!” So arrangements had been made
for the children to attend for a term, to see if that would make a difference
in their behavior.

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Christian Boarding School.

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