Chapter Six!

 Well, its here guidesters! Enjoy!
                                             CHAPTER SIX
It was early morning, and even the rooster hadn’t cackled his ear-shattering call (that made Rachel grumpy) but I was wide awake. I was positively captivated by the machine. I had to get in it again! I pranced outside the door, waiting. Too bad that Rachels family locks the door, I thought.  I have figured out their secret about opening. You just turn the handle. But that doesn’t work with a locked door. I sighed. Suddenly, I saw a figure slip into the workshop. Could that be Zach?  I wondered.  I guess he does like waking up early. I wonder what he’s dreaming up this time. I hope it works.  I trotted over to him. “Hey Mimi. I was wondering if anyone was up this early. You ready to try out my new machine?” I danced around his legs. “I’ll take this as a yes!” Zach said, laughing. He pushed open the door. I spotted a large, rectangular thing that looked like a keyboard. It had strange letters and dials all over it. It also had a strap that had my name on it. I began to get worried. Whatever it was, he was intending to test it on me! But he was usually a pretty careful guy, so I wasn’t too alarmed. Suddenly, Rachel stumbled in, rubbing her eyes and yawning. “Oh come on, guys, couldn’t you have picked a more decent time? I’m exhausted.” Zach rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on, don’t be ridiculous. This is the time you agreed on!” Rachel sighed. “Well, I guess I’m awake now— what is that?” She pointed at the strange contraption. I had just been wondering the same thing. “I’ll explain when everyone get here,” Just then, Carla and Kirstie pushed open the door. “We’re here, were here. Don’t kill us for being late.” Zach laughed. “On the contrary. You are right on time. I had to tweak some things before you came.” Rachel laughed wryly. “Alright stinker, out with it. Why did you drag us here at this unearthly hour?” Zach shook his head and pretended to be offended. “Well! I guess you don’t appreciate my inventions after all. I’m insulted!” Rachel rubbed her eyes. “You should be,” she muttered. “Then maybe you would get some sense into you that we don’t like getting up before the sun!” Zach rolled his eyes. “Oh, you guys are a bunch of weenies. Haven’t you ever heard “Early to bed, early to rise,”— “makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! Zach! We know the maxim! We’ve heard it a million times!” Rachel’s eyes got wide. Really wide, they looked like omelettes! She slowly turned her head over to Carla and Kristie. “D-did you say that?” They both shook their heads. She glanced at me. Her mouth flew open. “Mimi? D-did you just- Talk?!” I looked down at the strap I had managed to put on. Maybe…? “Zach?” Asked Rachel. “Did you..?”
he nodded. “Yuppers. I programmed the thing to translate bleats into words.” He chuckled. “I guess I should have thought. Even Mimi gets frustrated at me! Anyway, can you say something Mimi?” I opened my mouth and bleated. The machines dials and lights whirred and flashed, and suddenly it said: “Can we go time traveling now?” I gazed with astonishment at the thing. Now I could communicate! I could talk! I could tell Rachel to get up and feed me, sleepyhead! I danced for joy. Zach was grinning, Rachel was laughing, and I was gleefully spinning around in the grass.  Suddenly I stopped. I went to the machine and bleated. It whirred and flashed, and said: “I’m thirsty!”

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Chapter Six!

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