Chapter four! (YAY!!)

Alright, I’m back! (Finally) and I wont waste any more time! On to the story! 
Let’s see, where were we….
                                             CHAPTER FOUR
I ran after Eve, bleating. I got to her just in time to see Adam take his first bite. Suddenly the wind shifted, and I shivered. Wait, whaat?? It’s supposed to be warm here!! Then I realized: The first bite. The start of sin. The whole reason why the lion that ran by me so peacefully earlier was sneaking up behind me, looking hungry. SNEAKING UP BEHIND ME?????!!!!! WANTING TO EAT ME??!! Ahh! I bolted out of the brush, looking for somewhere to hide, looking looking looking… Aha! That… cave? Nope, that would not do. I’d just get trapped inside. I sprinted across a field, my eyes scanning for something anything… There! A foxhole. I dived in. Fortunately, the lion leaped over the hole and kept running. I guess he didn’t see me dive in. But soon I would face another danger…..
Sorry, this is waaay too short, but my battery is running low and its time to eat. See ya (And Happy Sabbath!)

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Chapter four! (YAY!!)

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