Chapter 7 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

Surprise!!! grin I am here again with another chapter of Big Bot way sooner than last time. I am typing this on Friday, Oct 8 but I don’t know when you’ll see it. I hope you like this chapter.
Chapter 7 Big Bot?

“Mmmm.” Dad sniffed. “Is that blueberry muffins I smell?”
“Yes, I made it,” Katie said pleased with how it turned out.
Later at school, Maria asked Katie about Big Bot. “Did you get to record your mom’s reaction?” “No, I don’t know what happened to Big Bot. He didn’t even come upstairs. I’ll have to see what happened after school,” Katie said.  Ringgggggggg. The school bell rang and all the children rushed back inside for their third class. Katie and Maria went to math class.
After school, the girls decided to walk home since they were just 10 minutes away. When they got home, Big Bot was vacuuming. Maria and Katie had a science assignment and they chose to work together so when they reached the house and ate a snack, they got to work on their biodiversity project. Soon, when they were done half of the assignment, they sat down to watch TV while their mom took a nap. She had been working at the hospital with lots of sick patients and she was very tired. Soon, Big Bot ran into their parents room. It’s time to get up, time to get up Christine. He ticked her feet and giggled. Christine quickly sat up and looked around. Big Bot was already gone to get the next noisy thing. What on earth, was I dreaming, Christine thought and lay back down to sleep. “Ok, what is happening,” Katie paused the movie they were watching. “What is Big Bot doing. What time is it?” She looked at the clock, 6:00.
“Is something wrong with me or did I just hear Big Bot?” Katie asks confused. “Ummm… I heard him too. What time did you program him to wake your mom up?” Maria asks looking like she is trying to figure something out. “6:00, he didn’t do anything then.” Katie answers. “Oh, I think I know!” Marie exclaims. “It’s 6:00 now, you might have made a mistake and programmed  Big Bot for pm instead of in the morning. I don’t think that was a good idea anymore. Your mom might not be happy.” “Oh boy. I am going to get in so much trouble. When I was going to program him, I wasn’t thinking that my mom would get angry at me for snooping around. Now he is going to wake her up and—-” Bang! Bang, Clang Clang. It’s time to get up. TIME TO GET UP! Big Bot yells. Katie doesn’t even want to hear her mom’s reaction. She runs outside, feeling foolish for what she did. She sits in her “clubhouse” an old shed she used as a club, outside thinking of what she will say when her mom when she finally has the courage to go inside. Maria stands up not knowing if she should follow Katie or tell Christine what they had planned. Christine, startled says, “What on earth! What is happening to you Big Bot?” She now remembers seeing her daughter in her room and when she quickly pushed something behind her back. “It must be Katie!” She says very displeased and gets the robot device and reprograms Big Bot. When she gets her punishment, she’ll learn. Katie knows she should not be troubling Big Bot. I told her not to trouble the device when we got it, Christine thinks. By then, Thomas, Katie’s dad got home and went around the backyard to take the trash to the front for garbage day the next day. He heard sobbing, and he went to Katie’s clubhouse. “Knock, knock, Katie can I come in.” He said calmly. Katie zipped opened the tent shed and he went in and sat on a stool. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “When mom got the robot, she told me not to trouble it because if you don’t know how to use it, it could be damaged. But I forgot. I tried to program him to order things and make her do it so she could see what an annoyance he was. Now, I accidentally put him to wake her up 6pm and she will be so mad. I don’t even know if it’s broken.” She rushed through the words and her dad had to tell her to repeat, slowly. “That was a bad idea and you were disobedient, but you can ask God to forgive you. He will give you the words to say. There are always consequences for your actions so you will have to just accept the punishment.” Her dad explained. “Thanks, dad. I’ll do that right now.”
Meanwhile, Maria explained to Christine what they did and that they were really sorry and just wanted to make a joke. Maria went outside and told Katie that she had to go home because it was getting dark. Katie went inside to her mom, she found her still in her bedroom, typing on her phone.
That’s all I have for now. I was kind of stuck with this chapter and I don’t like it anymore. I took a very long time to type this. I even missed taking a walk so I won’t delete it. Later!!! See you in the next chapter. I hope it’s way better. And, I am going to try writing the Bible verse story series soon. If you read the other Bible verse story, and have any ideas for continuing it, please tell me because I have absolutely no ideas. Anyway, goodbye for now!

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Chapter 7 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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