Chapter 6 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

                    Hi again! Sorry to take so long to post, here is the next chapter.
Chapter 6
“Oh boy, tomorrow is Monday. We have school,” Katie sighed heavily, but then she smiled.
But her friend couldn’t come over until after school. They were not allowed to talk in class so she would have to wait to play with her best friend Maria.
That same night Katie put her alarm clock for 5:50 A.M because she wanted to record her parents reaction when Big Bot loudly wakes them up. This will be so fun. I’m so excited. She thought. When her alarm went of early the next morning, Katie quickly jumped up and turned it off so it wouldn’t wake her parents. She then grabbed her cellphone and waited. Big Bot was to wake her parents up at 6. Soon, the big City Hall Bell (which was close to their house) bong 6 times. She came out of her room, the excitement growing by the second. Nothing happened, she  turned on her phone: 5:59. Oh, right I forgot. The City Hall clock was 1 minute ahead of their devices. She went back into her bedroom and while she was waiting for Big Bot to come upstairs,   Katie turned on the light and started to comb her very dark brown hair. Her dad was Ethiopian but her mom was British. She had long dark brown hair that was soft but a little curly. Katie  didn’t even realize when 5 minutes passed. After she finished brushing her hair she checked the time, 6:08. What? How can it be 6:08 already? Big Bot didn’t even come. Oh boy. She thought. At 6:10, she heard Christine get out of the creaky bed. Katie quickly went downstairs only to find Big Bot dusting. Humph, he never listens to me. Her moms came downstairs 10 minutes later.
“Oh hi Katie,” She said startled, “Your awake so early.” “Yeah, I had to wake up before Big Bot.” Katie said. “Can I help make breakfast?” “Sure honey, do you want muffins today?” “Yes, of course. I love blueberry muffins!” Katie replied and got the ingredients for the muffins. The Big Bot problem would have to wait.
I hope you enjoyed that chapter. I hope to post more soon. PS. The sentences in italics are what she thinks. 🙂 See you in the next chapter everyone, and have a great day…night… or whatever time it is when you read this. Later!!!

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Chapter 6 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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