Chapter 5

Chapter 5 is finally out. Enjoy 😀


Chapter 5




“What’s happening,” I asked Aunt Mandi again “The reason why I got you is that…..” Aunt Mandi said “Because” I persisted “Your parents got into a car crash and they are in ER,” Aunt Mandi said sadly, those words pierced me so badly, “I know you worried about your parents, but there isn’t much we can do about it nor can the doctors, but they are trying their best,” Aunt Mandi said.




“Kyiv, where are you going,” My mom asked ” I’m just going for a walk,” I told her “Ok just come home before sunset,” Mom told me “Thanks,” I said while I closed the door. I walked through the woods nearby my home, the further in the woods the more peaceful and beautiful the woods were. I knew these woods like the back of my hand. When I finally reached the lake I sat on the bench nearby and just looked at the lake for over 10 minutes enjoying God’s creation. 


Hopefully, you enjoy this Chapter tell me if I need to fix something. Seeya next time 😀"</p

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Chapter 5

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