Chapter 5 of Meet the Lord “Smashed!”

Disclaimer: This is another story Peach1 sent me to post up for her! Leave any comments you want for her down below, and I’ll forward them to her. Thanks! 😉 ~honeyflower

Chapter 5 of Meet the Lord                              Smashed! 

“Hey!” Matt shouted. ” When will you be done? We need you! ” May stood up. ” I know! But I’m busy now! I’ll be there in a minute! ” She sat back down. Matt sighed and put his glove on the ground. “May, you said you’d be on my team for baseball. Whadda doing? ” Matt scrunched down. “I’m making a sandcastle. after I have made it I’m going to take a picture with my phone, print it, then give it to Maryann. She’s hurt you know. ” Matt smiled. ” I know. But you can do that later.” May sighed. “OK. But just for the first inning. Cause I don’t want anyone to step on it.” May got up and was the batter. The other team was Jr. and some other kids, he was their manager and was on the pitcher’s mount. May’s eyes focused on the ball. Jr. winded it up and threw it… Whoops!  “Strike one!” the Empire said. Jr. threw it again. Crack! The ball went flying! May dropped the bat and ran to first base. Jr.’s outfielders was all over the field. Susan, another one of May’s friend, was on Jr.’s team and ran real fast. Finally, she caught it and threw it the George. Another outfielder on her team. George threw it to their catcher, but this time their catcher caught it May was already on the base. “You’rrrrrrrre safe!” The Empire shouted. All of May’s team cheered. Finally, May could get back to her castle she was working on for Maryann. May thought about what Maryann said in the past, “May, why do you keep wearing jewelry and make up? God already made you beautiful as soon as you were born.”, ’’ May, God wants us to be friendly to everyone. Just because she has braces doesn’t mean she’s a weirdo. Come on.”.” Some kids here don’t like me cause I have diabetes. But God looks at my heart to see if I’m faithful and  trusts in him.”, “Hi May. It looks like you have changed.” May’s smile melted. All the fun she and Maryann had together suddenly swept out of May’s mind. Now it seemed like Maryann was about to leave her… For ever. May wanted to do anything to make Maryann comfortable so she’d get better. When May got to her castle…… It was completely smashed!!!! May covered her mouth. Daring not to cry…………

Cliffhanger! Until she sends me the next one… 😉

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Chapter 5 of Meet the Lord “Smashed!”

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