Chapter 4 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

Greetings everyone.
I am here with chapter 4 of Big Bot, I hope you like it.
Chapter 4 
Katie and Maria sat on Katie’s bed with the robotometer. (the robotometer is totally made up)
 “Now how do I program this thing,” Katie thought out loud.
“Well… My mom will be looking out for me soon because my spelling coach has to meet with me for practice in 30 minutes. I have to go now but since tomorrow is Saturday, I can come over after church,” Maria said. “Ok, I will figure out how to use this and tomorrow after church when you come, we can program Big Bot.” Katie replied. Maria got all her things and said bye to Christine. “We can follow you to your house,” Christine said. So Katie and Christine walked with Marie to her house. 5 minutes later. “She was great, I’ll see you tomorrow at church. Thank you, bye!” They walked back home.
When they went home, Katie sat down to read Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase. A book in one of her favourite collections.
Before she even finished the chapter, the door opened and someone walked in.
”Dad!” Katie shrieked and jumped up to greet her father. “You’re back.”
Thomas, Katie’s dad had gone to England for an interview and had stayed for a week.
” Hi Thomas. You must be hungry I’ll go and warm up your dinner.” Christine smiled as she walked into the kitchen.
While Christine talked to Katie’s dad, Katie ran into her room and picked up the robotometer. She saw a little button at the side of the small, square device and presses it. The device turned on. ” Yes. I should have known that was the on button,” Katie thought. She read what was on the robotometer. ” What is your name?” Katie quickly typed Christine. Next, it said: Type the passcode to program your robot. “Oh man. I don’t know the password.” She typed random things but nothing worked. “Katie, It is time for devotion,”  Mom called. Katie replied, “I’m coming mom,” and sadly put the robotometer in the drawer in her nightstand and went to her parents.
Thank you for reading. Oh. I pronounce robotometer like this: row-bot-oh-meter. (I was just trying to find something that wasn’t real because it might have a different definition)
What do you think Katie will do next?
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Chapter 4 Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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