Chapter 3 of Never Alone

Well, I’m back due to guide posting chapter 2 so fast, I’m probably not gonna make this one long sorry if you wanted a long story, but anyway we’re going back to Jen’s pov Enjoy!
“Can you please take me with you I’m tired of being alone every day plus Kyiv and Remie have pathfinders today so I can’t go to their place take me with you” I begged my parents “I’m sorry but we can’t you know that we work at a hospital” My mom told before she and my dad left me at home. Now I was alone by myself I didn’t know what to do. I was so lonely and desperate enough to let Jessica here and tease me because I had no one. I just wish I was with Kyiv and Remie then I would be lonely and desperate. At least I could rewatch every tv show again for the 50th time it was better than staring at a wall and talking to myself. Then I had an idea I could make some stories for fun. I ran for a book and pencil and I was flowing with ideas to write about this was better than watching tv. Finally, I was bored and lonely I had something to do.
Try and guess what story she is going to write about. 
Hey, hopefully, you enjoyed this, If it’s possible to give me some tips cause I really need them. Anyways see ya next time
Also, I have a question have you ever said staring as star-ing.

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Chapter 3 of Never Alone

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