Chapter 3 no title yet :(

Hellooooooooooooo everyone! So I haven’t thought of a name for this story really so maybe you have a idea maybe ? But anyways if you do comment it and to the story ! ! BTW big change ! It takes place now like around 2-3 years later lol
                       Jisso POV 
I quickly bowed ( polite way to say hello, sorry or thanks in Asia ) then I looked into his eyes and realized that he was my skating idol . I quickly realized that people might spread rumors so we said sorry and parted ways .
                 A few minutes later 
I walked into my new foster family house ( yes we had to move again cause the other couple thought we were to big of a job to take care of) 
I didn’t live far from the rink so that was a great advantage for me . I walked in . They weren’t rich or anything but they had a descent house. Our new family was the Kim’s . They weren’t very happy about me being a figure skater and didn’t talk to me but were rather mean to us . Kim Young , their biological daughter who was 6 years olds depended on me a lot and I basically had to take care of her . “Jisso!” She hugged me “Ah, little Kimchi ( a nickname ) go to sleep it’s very late for you to be up”  I said worriedly “okay” she said and went to her room and slept.
“I have a week break tomorrow” I said as I flopped on my bed (later I well later post a pic) I set my alarm to 4:00 a.m. and went to sleep .
The next day 
I woke up to my alarm and turned it off and got ready for the day and just got a apple and went about to the Water Point bridge not far from my home ( btw they live in a city type place) and jogged for long time until my legs burned . I drank some water and then went to my brothers company .
 I was greeted very formally as I went in , luxurious , elegant, beautiful, it was very tall and then I went to the top floor and saw the office stated 
And entered . There was no one in there as Jungwonie,  ( her nickname for him) was in a important meeting . I petted his cat , Kai and left on his desk a letter . And left for home . I had quite a lot of things to do but you what I did instead? I took a nap . It was a very long nap . Then I woke up and scrolled though the news -> what was on the news — a lot about Jiwoo’s group and him and me —>  The Winter Olympics, Is Lee Jisso the favorite of the crowd this year ready ? , The biggest K-pop group win yet ! , Jiwoo dating rumors who is that mysterious girl? , Is the Olympic figure skater Lee Jisso dating ? I sighed and got up and went to walk to the bridge again.
Did y’all forget about Jiwoo ? lol
here’s his point of view ..
It’s been 2 years since our debut and we were already a winning group .
Our group was named ( no name yet :’( if you have a idea tell me below , my ideas aren’t so bright these days ) 
 I was the Main singer and we were a group of 7 . I loved music and performing but I wished I could have stayed as a figure skater . Right now we were having a world concert and we were performing in Korea and staying there because the tours have come to a end and we were our last song . Blue lily’s ( not a real song just a random name ) 
I was singing my last verse when my sight started to get quite burly and I couldn’t breathe right. I quickly sang the last verse for the many  who came . And then we were taken back/down stage and then the world went black . I woke up to cheering and screaming and noises of a concert, a concert from someone … Oh ! My concert! Yes a fainted/passed out . I quickly got ready to say goodbye to the many fans . “Thank you” I managed to say as my throat was hurting that I couldn’t breathe. Then the concerts were over .
My manger agreed that I could walk home by myself so I walked to the company myself . I walked by the bridge- park  (idk what to call it lol) to get to the company .

okay that was quite long but I post the next part sooner bye ! Btw what do you think happens next?……

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Chapter 3 no title yet :(

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