Chapter 3 Big Bot The Annoying Robot

       Good day everyone! I am here with chapter 3 of Big Bot. Enjoy!
Chapter 3. The search
Marie and Katie finished their Math, English, Social Studies and Science homework 30 minutes later. The smell of the delicious zucchini lasagna wafted into the living room where the girls were 
playing a game of scrabble. “Dinner is ready girls, come and eat,” Mom announced. ” Ok, dinner smells delicious. We will finish the game after we eat.”
They washed their hands and sat at the round table to eat. ” God, bless this food mom prepared and make it nutritious to our bodies. Also, bless those who have nothing to eat and give them a nice delicious dinner, Amen.” Katie prayed and they started to eat. Christine (their mom) ate and finished before the girls who were busy talking, washed up her plate and sat down to relax on the chesterfield and watch the news as usual. ” I’m glad Big Bot has been quiet for a long time.” Katie said. “Oh… I have a great idea. I heard her saying last night that she programmed Big Bot to alert me when I need to do something. I think we should find the remote and program him to tell mom what to do. That would be so hilarious.” Katie giggled as she thought about Big Bot yelling at her mom. “That does sound funny,” Marie whispered. “But I would miss out. I have to go home soon for spelling practice. The competition is in 2 months.” “Maybe, another day you can come for a sleepover and when we are gone to school, I would turn on the cameras.” Katie thought out loud. “I’ll ask my mom and we’ll see how it goes.” The girls finish their lasagna and put their plates in the sink. “WASH YOUR PLATE KATIE,” Big Bot stops them and Katie sighs. ” Ok Big Bot.” Then she whispers,  “I think we should find the remote and program him for whenever you can stay over.” So she wakes up her dish they creep slowly to their mom’s room. 5 minutes later, a face peeked into the room. “What are you doing in my room?” Christine asked, she looks at them suspiciously. The girls freeze, “We uh… we were…” Marie starts not wanting to lie but doesn’t want to tell Christine what they are doing “having a treasure hunt. I am trying to find the gold necklace Marie hid.” Katie chips in with a smile. “Ok,” Mom said with a skeptical look, ” but, next time, please don’t hide anything in my room.” She then walks away and the little girls resume looking. 5 minutes later. “I found it.” Katie shrieks. “Shhh,” Marie whispers and they run into Katie’s room.
What do you think they will do next?
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Chapter 3 Big Bot The Annoying Robot

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