Chapter 2 of Never Alone

Hello guys this story is really short because the next chapter is going to be really long and I don’t really have that much time for this story but anyways enjoy!
“Remie wake up you’re going to be late for sabbath school,” My mom said. I didn’t waste any time getting ready because today’s Sabbath school is going to be different than last week. After getting ready I got into the car. “Took long enough,” Alexa said “Are you guys ready,” My dad asked “YES” yelled everyone “Ok let’s go,” said my dad while starting the car. By the time we got to church sabbath school just started “Hey, Remie over here” Kyiv yelled toward me. When I sat down one of the sabbath school teachers asked “Are you guys ready for the challenge” Everyone including me and Kyiv replied with “YES”. The teachers went over the whole challenge instructions but I didn’t listen because I couldn’t wait for my challenge so far I finished the most challenges out of everyone in the sabbath school class I knew that having the most challenges done didn’t mean anything the challenge was a class thing But it was fun being at the top. “This challenge is just for fun, and whoever gets the most challenges finished gets bragging rights,” Mr.Dan said. “Ok everyone come one by one to get your challenges,” Mr. Dan told us. The second I got my challenge read it and it said………
Cliffhanger cause I want to leave it at that point, anyways leave some comments on what it said, and leave something that I should improve on. Thank you and see ya in the next Chapter of Never Alone

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Chapter 2 of Never Alone

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