Chapter 2 “Actually we are fostering them”……

Hi , 2 small changes .1. The kids from the Whitlock’s are Sara and Isaac and their ages are 7 & 8 and they (Julianna and Caleb) are Christian already . So now to Chapter 2
chapter 2 
It was not summer yet. ( And yes we took the doggo out of the sink ) 
Mrs. Whitlock and Mr. Whitlock came home early cause it was Friday night and that meant Sabbath .
the next day…..
We woke up early got ready and went to church .

We where entering the church , it was not like any other church . It was huge , it was modern and it was a very organized church. It wasn’t like the last foster family’s church , that one was small and old with the stained glass windows and opera singers singing only holy,holy,holy . And such a small church they also decided to throw in a organ somehow and that took up all the space . I think am going to like this church. As soon as Whitlock’s was going to leave us in the sabbath school room a old lady came up to us and hugged me saying ” Oh child so beautiful !” And then reached  for Caleb and said “Oh how handsome are you at such a young age!” Loudly so everyone could hear . Caleb pulled away and just nodded and so did I . The Whitlock’s were chatting with them, “I didn’t know you had so beautiful children!” She nearly shouted , then it was the Whitlock’s turn to talk, but they whispered “Actually we are fostering them”……

hope you enjoyed it part 2 of chapter 2 coming soon!


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Chapter 2 “Actually we are fostering them”……

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