Chapter 1 Of Never Alone

Hey guys I finally finished the First Chapter of Never Alone hopefully you like it
Enjoy! lol


What was I thinking going to that party at Jessica’s house the only thing that happened was that I was an embarrassment to Kyiv and Remie I thought about while on sat down in my seat in Mrs. Don’s class. It can’t get any worse, I regretted that I even thought about that because 3 seconds later Jessica and her friends come to class and sat right next to me. ” I can’t even describe how bad your dress at the party,” Jessica said with a smirk. That’s when I realized that things won’t be going well anymore in this school. After what felt like an eternity the bell finally rang and it was finally time to go to lunch. I was about to grab my notebook and run to lunch but of course, Jessica had it. ” Aww does little Jen need her notebook” Jessica teased “Yes I do need my notebook,” I said ” Is little Jen about to cry” Jessica teased even harder. ”Hey leave Jen alone and give back her notebook,” Remie said “Ok whatever here is your notebook Jen and don’t think this is over,” Jessica said toward me and gave me my notebook and left with her friends “Thanks Remie,” I said “Not a problem, anyways I heard that the lunch is going to be pizza you don’t want to be late or you won’t get any” Remie said “See you at lunch” and he left to the lunch cafeteria. Thank you Remie thank you.



What do you think will happen next also leave some comments if you find anything that needs to be corrected. Seeya in the next Chapter
-Kiv24133 lol

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Chapter 1 Of Never Alone

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