Bunnies in the Burrow

It was a quiet spring morning. Everything in the air was still. It was so still that it would have seemed silly for a bird to start singing and interrupt the atmosphere of quiet. It was not because nothing was going on. The world was just waking up. But I was fully awake.

I crept along the grass with my Dad, who was about to show me something absolutely wonderful. My Dad and I kneeled next to a hole. It wasn’t a large hole, since a gopher hadn’t dug it. But it was small and deep and covered over with grass. My Dad gently brushed the grass aside so that I could look into the hole and see the miracle that was inside.

I was thrilled when I saw three baby rabbits, who lay next to each other sleeping, like the cuddly siblings that they were. I was in awe of their small bodies and the way that their sides moved in and out as they inhaled or exhaled; their noses weren’t even twitching! The baby rabbits, small and brown, were completely wrapped up in sleep.

Their mother had chosen a very good spot for her family. They were predators in the backyard, like vultures or owls, but the front yard was perfectly safe. We had a white picket fence and very few animals could get over it, unless they were a cat.

God has created a beautiful world for us to live in. Sometimes, when we get busy, it’s hard to remember to rest in His quiet care and love. But just like a mother rabbit taking care of her babies, God is able to provide a safe place for us to be when life gets too loud or noisy. All we have to do is to choose to follow Him today.

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  1. Awesome story. Very well written with only one mistake. The second sentence of the fourth paragraph should have been “There were predators in the backyard, like vultures or owls, but the front yard was perfectly safe.” Keep up the good work. God bless.

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Bunnies in the Burrow

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