Bringing You To Jesus

Chapter 4
Belle took a deep breath as she stepped into the hospital, She dreaded the the thought of what news the doctor had.
 She went up to the receptionist to find out where to go.
“Hi, where can I find Monica brown’s room?”
” Go up the hallway and take the first left, her room is the second.”
“ok thanks”
She follow the receptionists directions and came up to a grey door. Belle cautiously opened it and walked in……
“Hi mom..”
“h-hi darling how are you?”
Just Then the Doctor walked in
“Hey guys, I’m afraid I have good news and bad”
“ok what’s the news” Belle asked with a hint of cautiousness in her voice.
“Well..” the Doctor began but was cut short
” oh I’m So sorry guys I have to take it it’s important I’ll come back later”
As Belle watched him go she vowed to say by her mothers side no matter what.

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Bringing You To Jesus

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