bringing you to jesus

hi i’m new here, i will be writing this new story called bringing you to jesus smiley
chapter 1
Belle walked down the sidewalk thinking about what her friend said to her that morning. They were arguing about church. Well only Belle was arguing, not Mary. Mary had invited her to church but Belle wasn’t into church stuff.
                                                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As Mary waited at the bus stop she wiped a tear from her cheek and thought about yesterdays conversation with Belle.
Oh if Belle would just listen 
Hey John how you doing. Oh Belle i’m great how bout you. Fine, Mary and i had an argument about church yesterday and i’m really sorry for yelling at her. So why don’t you tell her. Oh john i can’t it makes me too sad i’ll cry. Don’t worry be happy. Ok i’ll try
So you’re really sorry. yes Mary i’m really sorry. So will you come to church. Ok but only this once
ok so please tell me if i made any mistakes, i will try to post every week

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bringing you to jesus

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