Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

Shalom friends! I have returned with chapter 5 of my story. Enjoy!

Chapter 5 

It was Saturday, and Katie and her parents were getting ready to go to church.
1 hour later
” Katie, you haven’t answered a question yet, you can answer this one.” The Sabbath school teacher said. “Huh, oh sorry, can you repeat the question please?” Katie said. “What’s wrong, you are usually participating but today you are quiet?” The teacher replied. “Oh, nothing. I got a robot and I was thinking about it.” “Ok, your question was, what did Elijah do when the axe head flew into the water?” The teacher Mrs. Hall repeated. “Elijah threw a stick where it had fallen and it floated, then he told the man to get it,” Katie spoke. “Great job, you are correct.”
Later that day when Katie and her parents went home, it was 2 and they ate a late lunch then Katie went to her room and tried to think of the password for the robotometer. She knew she shouldn’t go snooping around but she really wanted to figure out the robot device so she went in her parents room and found her mom’s password book. She scanned the pages and soon saw Big Bot Programming Password. She read: bestrobotever3+ 
“Yes, I found it,” She whispered, returned the book to wear she had found it, and went back to her room. She read the manual and found out how to program Big Bot.  She decided to call her friend and tell her that she had programmed the robot. “Hey Maria,” Katie said excitedly when Maria answered her phone. ” I programmed Big Bot, do you want to come over some time this week so you can see how my parents respond?” “Sure, can I come on Monday?” “Ok, great. See you then. Bye!”
After that Katie picked up her favourite Nancy Drew book and continued reading where she had left off the last time she read.
Well… That’s all I have for now. See you in the next chapter! Have a great day… night… or whatever time it is. grin

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Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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