Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn’t get to post anything in a while. This is a story I started 2 months ago and I have the first 3 chapters ready to share with you. I don’t have a title for it so if you have any ideas please share them. Any comments and remarks are welcomed.
                             Chapter 1  Alarm Robot
 “WEEEE WAAAA. HEE HEE HEE, It’s time to get up time to get up.” Big Bot yells
 “Hey, stop it” Katie grumbles as she turns over and starts to fall back asleep.
Big Bot is an everything robot. He wakes people up by ticking their feet and making the same loud noises every day. Big Bot can get very bothersome and irritating.
 “It’s 6:50, time to get up so you can go downstairs and start eat breakfast by 7.” Big Bot continues. “Ugghhh.” Katie grumbles and gets out of bed and goes to put on her school uniform and brush her hair. Big Bot follows her downstairs to the kitchen where her mom Christine is finishing breakfast. “Wow, good morning Katie, this new robot is doing a good job, I could never get you up at 7. Now you won’t be late for school. Here is your breakfast, remember to say grace.” Christine says. “Hi mom” Katie says sleepily before she takes a bite of her egg and toasted bread. “This little robot who says his name is Big Bot was tickling my feet and yelling for me to get up.” “At least it works.” Christine says with a giggle. “Quickly finish your food so you can pack your lunch and bags and get ready for when the bus comes at 8:15.”
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Look out for Chapter 2

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Big Bot The Very Annoying Robot

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